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Pandorascharm Report | 02/20/2012 9:44 am
biggrin thanks
Pandorascharm Report | 02/20/2012 9:37 am
Thanks for the purchase!
DaniFoFannii Report | 12/21/2011 7:49 am
Thanks for buying. smile
Notched Report | 11/25/2011 12:39 pm
Thanks for the purchase.
Syreyn Report | 06/08/2011 8:05 am
Hi! My name is Amanda, and it's wonderful to meet a fellow charter magic fan! did you know that Garth Nix has another book for the abhorsen series coming out next year?!? I an super excited!
vladiqueerputin Report | 04/19/2011 8:06 pm
Hope you have a flying good time with that Quiditch uniform wink Thanks for buying!
Dotnette Report | 04/17/2011 12:35 pm
Thanks for buying
AshiraNexla Report | 12/18/2010 2:58 pm
Oh, And btw......Nice Holiday avi whee
AshiraNexla Report | 12/18/2010 2:56 pm
Awwww! Thank You for the gift Starchance! I should get you somethin'......... crying I can't find anything!
orangey4SLYTHERIN Report | 06/30/2010 9:44 am
Thanks! I like yours too!

Lookin' for Convention Friends!

I love emo/goth/otaku/geek people heart
I love any kind of music in existence.......even country I'm ashamed to say, but only certain songs (like If I Die Young by The Band Perry). I love comedy, things that are funny are my anti-drug 3nodding absolutely LOVE Doctor Who! Number ten is my fav XD David Tennant fan all the way.
I like effeminate men, they turn me on more than any kind of guy (biggest turn ons: Voice, Scent, Intelligence)
I can befriend just about anybody. If they like me, I like them. If I ever meet you at Geek Cons-Comic and Anime-, I will be wearing a Ciel Phantomhive costume- the dress from when he had to crosplay to investigate Viscount Druitt- can't wait to meet everyone!


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Birthday: 02/01


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