Ashee <3s U!

HELLO! xD Welcome.
Haha. No just kidding.
I'm Ashlee<3

------ABOUT MEH!------
--Birthday: June 6
--Age: 16 :]
--Plant On Which You Were Born: OhOh! PLUTO! xD Yay!
--Nickname: hmm. Ashee, Ash bash, Aly, Ash, Tie bubby, O.P., and Dork.(da last one is mah favorite)
--Favorite Color: OH! Green..NO purple! Oh wait light blue, hmm no red! DANN~IT~....da Rainbow b***h! xD I called you a dog! loll
--Favorite Thing To Do: Be a random crazy dork! *whispers* its what i do best..
--Quotes: "But captin everyone will see my pretty purple underwear?" "This is Awkward~ *whispers* but i like it.."

------Random Things Yoh should know------
--I have a attension span of a 5 year old and as smart has a fifth grader..a really dumb fifth grader
--I'll probably never call you
----I won't talk to you if: you scare me, I don't know you(but once you do...), Think you'er freaky, Or if you'er fake.
--I hate life so don't come to me with your problems even thow I pretty good at helping people with them.
--I have 10,000 frends but can only name 5.
--I support gay marrage!! xD GO PANDREW!
-- I love you...but its just not going to work out..Its not me. At all. Its you. :,c

--skittles <3
--neon colors
--ice cream :9
--flapjack 8D
--livelavalive(mitchel davis)
--mitchel davis <3
--Transfomahs biggrin
--Axel 8D

--way to smart people
--dumb people :B
--miley cyrus!!(dumb person)
--Da dark.. Yus I am a whimp and proud!
--Haters that hate meh or anyone I know! >:0

------Who I Love------
--Jayme Clark: bffl<3 THE b***h is MINE.. thats all I got to say. Thats she is the most important person in my life right now. I wouldn't live without her!!
--Joyce: Gone through some bad times with her but no matter what I'll still love this Duckkie! xD
--Nick Ether: He maybe god..But I could still beat da crap out him and surve! Cause he would never let meh die.<3 thankies.
--Adam Atherton: Ehh...Hes adamm. ;D His my peanut butter to my pp n' j sandwich!!!! I love him! (he doesn't even know how much)
--Zac Davis: O_o...LMAO! Meet him once in person..Now we're close.."Like Poptarts in a pocket!" haha!
--TissyTemptation: I love my widdle scene queen! She is the prettiest person I kno besides Zori! xD lolz luv yuuz!
--Zach's friends: May not know them well but OMFG! They are awesome! (Micky, David, ZeeZee, Alex, & Johnny)
--Heather Reyes: I love her. I can say anything and she will think its funny! xD
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