Heyy! Me name is Kaylin. i live in Washington state. . . Not Warshington. . . biggrin annnd. . . .
Color: Rainbow

Orientation: Bisexual

Realationship: Single DDD:<

Book: The Last Herald Mage

Fav. Animal: Horse, tarantula, Bat

Movie: Sweeny Todd

Game: Strip poker. . . jk. . .

Food: Pocky, Fudge

Hobbie: Texting

Item: Ipod

Song:A Million Miles Away by the Lost Prophets, and Fer Sure by The Medic Droid

TV show: None

Drink: None
. . . i can't think of anything else . . . if you wanna know sumtin i will tell ya


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.... idk .... stuff...


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I met you a long long time ago while we were fishing and added you as a buddie~~ my avi looked completely different back then~

purple hair, green eyes.

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Do you still remember me???

Happy Birthday!
Forgive Me Im Sorry

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Forgive Me Im Sorry

blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh :/
Forgive Me Im Sorry

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Forgive Me Im Sorry

oops haha, i did the codee wrongishh x]]]
Forgive Me Im Sorry

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Forgive Me Im Sorry

Forgive Me Im Sorry

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Forgive Me Im Sorry

blaaaahh :]

ilovee goldd <3

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lol. moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
so bored. we ahve to give speeches during our bridging ceremony. we all were like holy s**t...... but at least 5 ppl will be picked. but still ahve to do it
Sora Itou

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Sora Itou


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lol daniel *...* so ya i pm veroni she ddin't regognize me O.o but she didn't read my pro so it's good for now. i'm bored so i need sum annoyance btw and elementary school beat us at the fundraiser about $950 to $1100. no one's motivated exceppt band a and puny 6th graders O.o. we don't get to see bannanna phone........ crap...... i would want it on youtube for crying out louad O.o
Sora Itou

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Sora Itou

my former bff kaylin how r you ^- ^ log on more often kapeesh?