To All Humans

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I am a Broken Soul.
This is what I Am.
I cannot Change all of what I Am, nor do I Wish to please others by killing the person inside of me.

Take it or Leave it, this is with it, or leave.
It's nothing new, people always give up.
But I know rare few gems in the trash of this world, who shine on despite the muck.

>I< dont fear the reaper - Blue Oyster Cult


>MY< Asylum - Disturbed

>I'm Going Into< The Night - Disturbed

>I am a< MONSTER - Skillet

Updating The MaDneSs

So, Life's a beetch. Why can't I make her MY beetch, hmm? It's been a while since I've made this account, and her purpose has changed quite a bit. I've come out of Hell only to be tossed back down again. For how my mind works, anyways. Tried my hand at college, and that didn't work. No money, and this world always wanting more of what I don't have. I'm not about to become one of those broken-down puppets to Society, and I've found people who actually stand by me for that. However, Life goes on. Beetch.

Found someone whom I love, and, against all probabilities and Laws Of The Universe (ish, not seriously, but still seems that way from time to time to me) he loves me.

I am so blessed, and so happy, and so thankful for him. He is my Love, and I am his. I have no wish to leave his arms, willing to hold the storm caved into a human body that my emotions tend to be.

Now I'm looking for work, having the stress of my sensitivity to emotions around me apparently getting that much more sensitive. I think it has to do with my roommates, even if that's TECHNICALLY not the most accurate thing to call them. It's how I try to think of them, regardless. So that's been stressing me out, to where it's getting to the point where ANYTHING goes wrong and I'm reacting -_-

Terribly inconvenient, that. so I'm getting by, dealing with the bs as best I can as it comes. And I've got Love, and Hope and Faith, to carry me on even when it feels like I'm only hanging onto a thin thread that may not even be there. Oh, and that thread is also my noose, in a sense. Ugh.

But I'm me, and I WILL....

>My promise, that< I will not bow - Breaking Benjamin


Star Ingd Eathe

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Birthday: 05/01

This Wraethe Keeps Drifting On

Long in the darkness
Longing for the empty Light
Left alone in empty, ravenous night

He came along
Pulled me behind
Around from my drifting mind

A blessing to some
A curse, failure in all
my life, I could see of my Fall

Drifting away,
Lost in negative moonlight
Empty heart burning to fight

Brought along
Pulled out of my sadness
Around me his happiness

Hope, Faith
Words I forgot I knew
Brought back to life, renew

Living on, taking
On a brand new Hell
For the Love to swell

Brought to see
Pulled into Loving embrace
Around whom I fight, Love I chase

Shadows and whispers
Fulfilled promises
A simple question, 'Yes'

I had been blind,
He opened my eyes

And I want to see everything

Brought to see a change of view
Pulled along in his story
Around we'll Live,


For I am no longer Alone

>The Reason for My Fighting this< War

Alduin Fury
Sullen Miken
Dark Raven Of Ebony Wings

^____Mah Brutherz ^^____^

"Creeper creep...

My Sister

Regardless of what happens,
regardless of how much they hurt me,

I stand by those I Love