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mi sis Angie!(in anime mode)

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Surprise Psyche Report | 09/27/2013 2:43 am
Surprise Psyche
Me too. Now he doesn't come outside and sit with us when he finishes lunch :'< He doesn't wait for me after biology anymore either, he usually walks with his friend Hannah (with the exception of yesterday when he was one of the last ones out of the classroom, like me...) I dunno what's gonna happen, if anything. :/ I wish I had iOS7 so bad!!!! >n< I think it is only certain ones, everytime I check to see if I can get it, it tells me 6.1.3 is up to date. -____- We're prolly goin to ze movies then... smile Whatchu wanna go see? xD I gots tew go and get ready fo school~
Ttyl! Lerv yew!
<3 Alfie
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/20/2013 3:42 am
Surprise Psyche
I don wanna avoid him, but at the same time a few of my friends have been making it REALLY obvious. Painfully obvious... -.-
Air will come soon, I'm deciding whether we should go to the movies or lazer craze! xD Yay~
ERMAHGERD! I CAN'T GET iOS7 ON THIS IPOD!!!! >n<" Ish so angry.
I gotsa go get ready fo schooooool.
Email meh dis afternoon, kay?
(No emotes this time. Merp. :/)
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/17/2013 5:47 pm
Surprise Psyche
Hai~ Uhm. I think he knows I liek him........ Dx
And I'm glad ya enjoyed yo nappy tiem! >u< I shall get you air! :3 Dontcha worry mah buddayyyyyyy! I lerv ya!
And my siggys are always gonna be different from the previous one! biggrin Itsa habittt. -.-
<3 Ashy
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/11/2013 3:19 pm
Surprise Psyche
I did reply! Read it naow! And I hope you can!!! :3 Beg if ya have to!! I'll walk to your house if I have to help convince yo parents! xD And pshhhhhh no I'm not... >\<
Go enjoy your nappy tiem! biggrin
I gotsa go do mah homework... I procrastinate. Whatchu gon do bout it? x3
<3 The Ash-meister
(That sounded way better in my head xS)
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/10/2013 3:47 pm
Surprise Psyche
There are plenty of reasons for people not to like me xD You've just stuck around and learned to live with em. And it's like 3 hours long... 5:30 to 8. :3 And ya needa email me I gots sum updates on mah school life... Specifically about someone... razz And go take your nap! I'm gonna do the same cuz I like JUST got home from school. Art club orientation went on til 3:40 and my bus driver had NO IDEA what he was doin so I was on the bus for an hour. -.-
It's nap time~
<3 Ash
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/09/2013 2:43 pm
Surprise Psyche
Haha you already know the three guys I have a crush on its just a matter of if any of them actually like me back... :/ YA BETTER SEE! I NEED YOUR PROFESSIONAL HELP GUH!!! :3 Merp. I'm really bored...
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/08/2013 4:15 pm
Surprise Psyche
Oh okaii~ You do know the definition of smoothly right? xD It's goin anything but smoothly! I can't decide who id rather go out with (。-_-。) You really should! We'd get to hang out for liek 3 hours! x3 It's pretty frikken fun as long as ya know someone, and ya have me!!! >u< Ya hafta convince her!!! I needa be able to tell you all of the juicy daily happenings at mah school! And ya needa be mah wing-woman razz Until then my Buddayy~
Love ya! smile
<3 Ashy biggrin
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/06/2013 3:12 pm
Surprise Psyche
Yus it is called meddling xD I'm gonna victimize her >;P She's not gonna know what hit her... Or her dippin dots... >u< MOO HA HA!! And I know! Seriously I wuz tiredddddd and ya can't be distracted rite naow! I'm bouts to leave for PLAY and you gotsa go sometime! Srsly it's fun and I gets to c mah old crushie :3 If ya kno who I'm talkin bout. Well I gotsa go brush my mane :/
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/06/2013 2:55 am
Surprise Psyche
I'm still gonna try mah hardest xD That or I'll just do it to Madi instead... >3< And no meddling in my lovey-dovey life! It is strictly off limits! (>人< wink
The reason it took me so long to reply to ur comment and email is cuz I passed out on my bed listening to Breaking Benjamin at liek 6:30 xD I didn't wake up again til at least 8:30 or 9 and then when I did wake up I took a shower and went to sleep razz I was so tired yesterday -____- I did reply to both tho so yeah. WISH ME LUCK ON MY MULTITUDE OF TESTS TODAY! D'x (I only have liek 2 but still... .-.)
<3Alfred (>^w^)>
Surprise Psyche Report | 09/04/2013 5:10 pm
Surprise Psyche
Gurl, u kno if I hired you as mah assassin then I gotta have sum experience. I WILL get chur dippin dots if its da last thing I dooo! Lovey dovey things will not happen. >n< Unless he decides he needs to pick me up again xD And I STILL haven't started planning anything... Yay procrastination~
I have no idea who looks forward to school unless its cuz they get to see their buddayssss. :3 Then I can understand iht. Welp. Ya just sent me an email so I'm guessin I better go reply to that shizzzzz razz
<3 Al

Mah Jams

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mi bro Anthony!(in anime mode)

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