Nathalie | 19 | INFP | College Student

Hi! Welcome to my profile!

I enjoy creating cosplay avatars and I love Nintendo, RPGs, art, and cute stuff!

5/30/17 Met
6/3/17 Gaia Married
6/9/17 emotion_bigheart

Fire Emblem Checklist:

FE1 - Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light: [In Progress]
FE2 - Gaiden: [In Progress]
FE3 - Mystery of the Emblem: [Not started]
FE4 - Genealogy of the Holy War: [In Progress]
FE5 - Thracia 776: [Not Started]
FE6 - The Binding Blade: [In Progress]
FE7 - The Blazing Blade: [Completed]
FE8 - The Sacred Stones: [Completed]
FE9 - Path of Radiance: [Completed]
FE10 - Radiant Dawn: [Completed]
FE11 - Shadow Dragon: [Completed]
FE12 - New Mystery of the Emblem: [Not Started]
FE13 - Awakening: [In Progress]
FE14 - Fates: [In Progress]
FE15 - Echoes: [In Progress]
Fire Emblem Warriors [Not Started]

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