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I do not accept random friend requests!
If I know you, quote me in a thread or PM me first 3nodding

I really care about my friends, hereafter known as my 'pack'.
Sure, sometimes I have a short fuse, but most of the time I'm very excitable and get happy pretty quickly. I really like anime, and a couple of my favorites are Spiral, Wolf's Rain, Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho. My music interests are anything from rock to metal, k-pop, punk, or otherwise.

I also LOVE to RP and Breedable/Changing pets~
I'm a logical person, an as such, a little bullsh*t-intolerant.

I'm taken by the most amazing man that has ever walked the Earth, Jay. While we may have had countless, continuous fights before we were together, it was only because we weren't together that we had those fights. (Sexual tension much?) And it just made me realize how much I loved you. Love will find a way. I could never go on without you - I can't even bear the thought of ever having you out of my life, or something happening. I love you, Baby. 5 years going on 6 <3

I have AWESOME siblings. First, my Pack-Brother Shawny. Dude, you've been there for me since I could remember, even if I didn't always know it. You always made everything better when I was scared. So, I can't thank you enough, Brother. <33 You make me smile, even when I don't want to. Because of you, I can accept things as they are, even embrace then. Oh, and by the way....-SHOVE- >3

The level-head, the logical one, instead of the feeler,Ayanessea. Thank you for being my journal. xP And putting up with all of it, from me being stubborn to stupid to emotional. I lean on you a lot, and I'm always there as a lean-to as well. You help me with some personal projects and are kinda like a guardian, though in a more friendly way.

Oh gosh, Mist-Chan. You're the sweetest person I've ever met, and I'm glad to call you friend, and even little sister. You can, hands-down, settle any dispute. I owe you a lot for ironing things out for me on countless occasions. Thank you Mist, and may we be friends for a very long time indeed.

And, Wind. Man, how long has it been? I have some of the deepest, most meaningful conversations in the world with you, that I don't think I can have with anyone else! We have so much in common, and it all started right HERE! I'm glad I got to have met you, seriously. I've never even met you IRL yet, and I can still end up calling you sister. Dude, do you know how awesome that is? I'm glad we got to talking more, cause now, you're one of the people I trust the most. And that's just awesome. Seriously. I love how talking to you can make my day just a BIT better; you always have advice for me, and know how to lighten the mood, for sure.

I own this shop for breedable wolves called Silent Shadows. We sell wolves of any kind, and they aren't RP required! (Though we love and encourage RP...) Click the link, come take a look! ^^

Avi Art by demon_gawddess Thank you!

My Baby and I <3
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^ By ~Nova_firethisle~ heart Thanks a bunch!
To see more couples art, check out my journal, or go here

A bit more about me? Well, let's see -
I am:
A mild artist
(Check out my work here)
Trying to learn the drums...
Pagan, and proud. it really isn't as bad as everyone thinks it is
I'm hard to gain the trust of, but once you lose it, it may as well be gone forever. I pay respect with respect. I pay disrespect the same. You are entitled to nothing unless you've earned it. You cannot get something for nothing - No, not even from Santa; remember how you always had to be good?

I love programming. Period xD

I hate
Humans, in general. Those who disrespect others, the Earth, and have no regard for anything but themself. Those who "Think, therefore I am". Those who arrogantly accuse animals of false crimes driven by their instincts, and so primitively place themselves higher than animals who are physically, and mentally more superior. Who cares if you can do math - a wolf doesn't need such a "luxury" (Stress, in all actuality) to survive.
Human babies are freakishly, disgustingly, hideous.

I like
Edward Scissorhands
Harry Potter
Final Fantasy, Especially Crisis Core
Ape Escape
To Roleplay. A lot. XD
Lord of the Rings
Korean Music
Working Out

A few of my favorite pets are as follows:
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This poor boy's the runt of his litter - and he was always picked on for it. He's still a pup at heart, and has a phobia of trees, since he runs into them a lot and thinks they jump out in front of him. He's usually soft-spoken and very shy, for fear of being picked on, but he's a ton of fun, too!

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Renn is my favorite character from the book series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle paver. If you want to know about her, read the books.

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My Baby :)
Yes, I really do love him enough to get pets of him. I have quite a few <33

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Uncle Tristan! This dude is like my second brother. He may not show much affection or talk much, but I still adore him to bits, cause I know he always looks out for me and protects me.

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Why yes, it is my Pack-Brother. He's one of the most important people in my life as well.

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Big Bear. I've had this stuffed bear since the day I was born, and he means so much to me. He reminds me of my favorite grandfather, and is probably one of my most precious possessions.


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Howling Eclipse

D: My eeearrrssss *covers them* crying

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Thank's a lot for shopping!! It's appreciated! ^_^

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thanks, so much, for buying from me ! {:

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smiles* i love your avi and like your info x) we could be friends
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-I- Bitty -I-

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Ada Wong-chan

"You're welcome.
And what kind thing for you to say.
I appreciate it." ^^

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awesome, was hoping it would

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teehee, ur welcome, just a question how doe sit make me look

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Thank you for your purchase.
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