Hai!!! I'm Rose. I'm 15, I live in Ohio and I am most definately NOT the average American girl. XD I'm a hyperactive, outgoing, crazy, anime-loving, sometime-mini-skirt wearing, sketch book clinging, yaoi fangirl artist who doesn't know what to do with her life yet. I also cosplay XDD

I might do avi art. Depends on who you are. I might charge gold... I might not. I do not run a shop nor do I want to be buried ALIIIVE in orders so... If you want avi art... PM me then I'll decide... o 3 o

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Me (Misa from Death Note), Sarah (iLoveMyUke as L from Death Note) and, my hero, J. Micheal Tatum. (That man is truly one of the most AMAZING people on Earth I swear)

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Me and Sarah again only it's Todd Haberkorn... That man is amazing to but he is not a hero of myne. I'm sorry Todd.
~~~Pictures from ColossalCon9~~~