who am i?

20 | nursing major | ♀

Hey, I'm Saki. My username is old, and was when I suffered from a terrible case of ~weeaboo-ism~, but I'm kinda too lazy to change it *shrug*... p.s. I'm ½ Filipino, not Japanese. After a few years, I've come back to Gaia because it's pretty fun (and I love to make avis c: ). I live in the US, and I'm crawling my way through college. I love videogames, concerts, and doing art. Sometimes I do art for Gaia people when I need some mun$ or if I'm bored. Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite!
(Unless you're thirsty, bc I'm not interested in pixel booties)

Music: Witt Lowry - "Move On"