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Birthday: 11/05

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22 / F / Bi
Feel free to chat me up though I may not always respond.
I work retail so around holidays I'm liable to be dead or too exhausted to respond a lot.
If you wish to learn more about me feel free to chat me up.

I do RP, yes, what kind? Just ask.
If you're curious on settings I quite like the fantasy aspect of things.

Through the black I've seen you before.
Knocking on a forbidden door

Now modern times have never looked bleaker and I've seen the darkest ages of life. . .
So your death has come around to haunt you and your madness has supplied the strife?
Well I've broken all the rules I've written just to bring you to this cold fort between your ailing home and afterlife's wither.
A bastion only seen in your dreams.

Take a minute to think on how you've been brought to the brink of existence to save the population.
Floods and nuclear fire have kept the times looking dire but now's the chance to redeem civilization.
Yet a risk is attached with this unholy pact. .
If forsaken, I'll come from the shadows.
Now, let your madness be quelled and live a legend to tell!
Make the best of the end, and what follows.

So I'll lend you my essence, for your rusted throne, and you could bring back the light to the last home of civilization, without which I'm gone, so take this godsoul to bring forth a new dawn.
I'll forgive the death you've earned, the cities you've burned, the lessons we've learned for all that remains, just sacrifice me.
I'll hide away in a castle on the sea. .

If you seek this madness in truth
Take my soul bestowed unto you


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