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Why hellooo there. I'm Izzy, if you're looking for me elsewhere its...
shigures high school girl-cosplayisland
issabella_mottman-deviantart(don't think i have anything on there though)

Random facts about me ^^

-I love skiing, my favourite place to ski is Trysil in Norway
-I don't think i ever leave the house without wearing eyeliner-my eyes look weird without it.
-The first manga i read was Bizenghast. The first anime i watched was naruto.
-My excuse for being rubbish at gaming is that i have games dyslexia. What do you mean it doesn't exist? razz
-I tend to overuse a word for a loooooong time before i let it drop XD
-I am INCREDIBLY talkative, although i can be shy, as soon as i start talking about something that i'm interested in i can talk for a very long time without stopping.
-I have a pet bunny called Pepsi. I got her when i was 6 or 7(d'awwww)
-I'm like Elliot from Scrubs in a LOT of ways...ditzy, distracted by shiiiiiny stuff, i even have a walk like the walk she does when she wants to look important and busy. XD
-My favourite character from ANY anime or manga is Shigure Sohma, has been since i first saw Fruits Basket. I have 2 shigure plushies, many pictures of him and keep trying(and failing) to make a shigure hat.
-I'm in year 10 at school and for GCSE i'm taking the compulsory stuff plus long course R.E/Sociology, History, Drama, Business Studies and German, and i have a French GCSE

Weeeeeeeeell i'll stop before i say TOO MUCH(perish the thought!). Feel free to talk to me, i wont bite unless you're a shigure fangirl razz


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goodguy199 Report | 12/24/2008 12:27 am
indeed me want meh presents
goodguy199 Report | 12/22/2008 7:42 am
indeed its cold but yay its almost christmas
goodguy199 Report | 12/21/2008 5:37 am
indeed i am fine how about you? how are you?
Destinys-Spirits Report | 08/01/2008 1:09 pm
oi oi! I was online!! Just not on Gaia silly! XP

Guess what! Got Catcher in the Rye today and I actually read 5 chapters! 8O It was hard on me cause I kept on nodding off due to how boring it all was but I was watching the Incredibles at the same time so that kept me awake every now and then ;D M'thinks I shall try reading 5 chapters at a time then I should in theory get it done in 6 days =P [there are 26 chapters xP] The maybe I could start reading Twilight which you've been trying to get me to read for ages! 8O
blissfliss Report | 07/26/2008 12:51 am
lolness, ur avi is uber now XD
Destinys-Spirits Report | 07/18/2008 3:57 pm
Yarh I wanted a change in my avi, so I played around a bit ^_^ D'ooooh! Spamming is fun though! D8
Destinys-Spirits Report | 07/15/2008 1:51 pm
Oooo is this the spam izzy's profile game? WOOOOOW! Can I join in? 8D
randomoocookies Report | 07/03/2008 11:04 am
Let the pointlessness commence!
randomoocookies Report | 06/29/2008 12:46 pm
randomoocookies Report | 06/29/2008 12:29 pm


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