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Shadow Belmonte Report | 12/03/2021 3:16 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I hate when that happens.
Good luck with your pumpkin carving!
You'll have to let me know how it goes! emotion_yatta
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/19/2021 4:46 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Now, what I do when I've got the stuff:
*also I forgot to tell you a regular ballpoint inkpen would be helpful as well

Take the image; use the charcoal pencil to draw the character outlines on the blank back of the page.
Take the sewing pins; put one in the center of the image, charcoal-side down on the pumpkin; put one at the top, one at the bottom, one on the left, and one on the right. (maybe 1 inch from the character outlines.)
Use the ink pen to draw over the character lines (on the side that was printed out from the printer - not the side that has charcoal lines.
When drawing over the character lines to transfer the charcoal onto the pumpkin:
Start your way towards the pins; top, bottom, left, right - then when you start towards the corners of the paper, go directly towards the corners.
From the top, bottom, left, and right, work towards the corners (about halfway) and then, from the corners, work towards the top, bottom, left, and right (about halfway.)
The good thing about the pins: You can slightly lift up the image and peek under it to see if the lines are close enough to where they should be connecting.
I've found that just going entirely in one direction (say, left, going down to the corner, and then going around to the bottom) kind of pushes the paper around too much, so it's kind of about smoothing out the paper from the center, toward the direction of the edge of the paper, rather than going circular on the paper.)

When you're done with the lines (and hopefully it goes well) then you can remove the pins and look at the charcoal drawing.
On the charcoal drawing: Write down what sections you want to cut out, what sections you want to keep, and what sections you want to color in.
(Say, cut out eye holes, keep the mask area, color in the hair.)

Then, grab the Fine tip permanent marker and go over the charcoal lines.
Which is why I'll try out the graphite alternative and see if that's better.
Because: The charcoal basically kills the marker; it's a powder, vs wet marker.
So to basically get around that, I just keep a piece of paper towel nearby, rub off the marker a bit, and then rub it on the pumpkin a bit more until the next time.
And that happens, a LOT.
Also note:
Cutting the pumpkin will make the pumpkin rind wet, and it'll start to make the permanent marker not so permanent.
The fix: Wait for the pumpkin to dry (after carving it) to color it in, either with the fine tip marker or the chisel tip marker (depending on the size of the area being colored in.)
BUT ALSO that is for, IF you want the black lines visible on your pumpkin.
If you don't want visible lines, which is something I've not really done, then I don't know, sorry. sweatdrop
If you plan on smoothing out the carved areas (say, you don't want it looking so crinkly-textured) and you use the clay ribbon tool, that would also make the pumpkin rind wet, so that could be a step included before coloring the lines on the pumpkin.

Going with the notes you wrote down, cut into the pumpkin with your knives or whatever tools you have.

I think that's everything but I'm tired, so I can only hope that's everything. sweatdrop
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/19/2021 4:26 pm
Shadow Belmonte
How I do my pumpkins:

Things to get:

First, pick out a pumpkin (usually, the largest ones I can find = a bigger image to put on it.)

Find an image online and try to scale it to fit on just one page, to where it'll fit on your pumpkin, print out the picture.
(Though, I guess it could also work with landscape-designs that wrap around pumpkins, but I've never done that, so I'm not going to talk about that one.) XD

Get some sewing pins
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I like them because they are long and thin and have the ball on top; this helps so the paper won't slide off and the holes are barely noticeable, and the pins won't pop out easily.
(Just in case the pumpkin rolls away or the page gets pulled around on accident.)

Get a black charcoal pencil (not white charcoal)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

*Although, I've heard recently that Graphite might be better than charcoal, so I'm going to have to test that out sometime with another pumpkin.
(I have a wooden charcoal pencil, so I don't know how the center one would do when it comes to using it / sharpening it.)

Permanent marker choices:
Fine point is best for drawing in lines and coloring in small areas
Chisel tip is best for coloring in large areas (like, black haired anime character = more visible in the daytime.)

(Also, an extra: If an eyeball gets knocked out, nails make great substitutes - I just color the tip black and push the nail into the pumpkin.)

What I use is a paring knife and a serrated fillet knife, but literally this part is: You have to find what's suitable for you.
I use the paring knife to barely press into the pumpkin (which is why I don't use the knife by the handle) and I do some 'digging' with the tip, to pull out parts that I want removed from the carving.
I also don't cut full sections, I only go one small section at a time, and the sections are usually like, less than 1'' sections, so I don't mess a lot of things up. XD
I use the fillet knife to carve out chunks of the pumpkin, and it's a thin knife, so small corners are easier to reach.
*Also, when carving the pumpkin:
I don't just cut straight through and leave the holes; I go into the pumpkin, find where the holes are, and then cut angles to let more light through (if the area isn't too thin.)

I also use a clay wood rib
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
to both gut the pumpkin, and to make the pumpkin shell a bit thinner.
And I (used to use, until I lost them moving) a clay ribbon tool
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. to 'level' the carved sections of the pumpkin.
Otherwise, the carved sections that have been 'dug' out look crinkled, but that's good for texture (like, feathers or fur.)

Also I'm going to say that I'm a cheater and I use a light box, but there are ways around them (tracing paper, for example, although it'd take an extra step of transferring it onto paper.)
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/19/2021 3:39 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Yeah, iguanas are cute but their POOPS though. x-x !
Little iguana pets: "d'aw that's so tiny and gross."

No, the crazy cat ladies are the ones that give the sane cat ladies a bad image. <O<
You're a sane cat lady, as far as I'm aware. are aren't you? <_<'
Man, if the parents would have booted the daughter out, I'm sure there'd have been a court fight, and I'd have paid to see that.
Those parents literally did anything for their daughter, just to make her happy.
(And so you see how she ended up an entitled, spoiled, spinster, surrounded by cats that weren't even happy to be there with her.) rofl

The place we've been living at (which has been about 15 years altogether; same apartment complex, just different buildings) has really great maintenance people, great landlords, we've not once had any problems and they're always glad to see us.
Literally, us: Tidy, quiet people, who might have an accidental sink pipe leak or an accidental blockage in the sink or something.
Other tenants: Punching holes in walls, stuffing trash in vents, flushing rocks down toilets, etc.
Them, when they hear we have a problem: "THANK GOD IT'S THEM THIS TIME!" XD

Yep i know them whale songs whale. ;'D
Three Days Grace, Linkin Park (especially!) and Evanescence, Lady Gaga, Queen and Skid Row.
Scream-singing: 100%
Me, to my soap: "I sound so amazing!"

In my opinion?
Drunk people > snobby people, when it comes to fun.
Snobby can't wear off, but alcohol can.
*thumbs up*
Sorry to hear you have a snobby aunt, she's not cool. talk2hand

Not bad then, to be next to the door for just-in-case situations, plus moving in and out fast is a plus. XD
Man you have more skills and bravery than I do as 'the aunt' person.
My sister: "can you babysit -"

oh no
but if you're Team Rocket
and i'm
Team Skull
what are we going to do?

*sets out candy canes at your work and sets up a hidden camera*
♪ mortal kombat ♪
Your coworker: "...did i just hear someone say Mortal Kombat?"
♪ no ♪
Your coworker: "......."

Well, my tips aren't the best for carving pumpkins, but I can give you some tips anyways.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/05/2021 4:05 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Agreed, or at least, we should wish hiccups on our enemies, to make them suffer while we laugh. -u- !

Yeah, she was a great pet, we got her as an adult and she was already trained, but we didn't get to keep her for long, since her ... messes ... were like, Godzilla-sized, and with curious young kids and other animals, it wasn't very sanitary, and that she was also eating my mom's plants (we feared if she ever got hold of anything toxic) plus there was the issue of her escaping and climbing into the neighbor's tree (a freaking TALL tree, at that) and even the fire department couldn't get her down with their longest ladder.
But luckily the guy knew about iguanas and had a few of his own, so she was in experienced hands.
Also it was funny because the original owner named her Bubbles, and my mom was like "let's call her Iggy" and I was like "NO, NEVER. BUBBLES FOR LIFE."
No clue why they named her Bubbles but Bubbles > Iggy for names. XD

It was definitely for the better.
The woman downstairs was like, super-saintly miss-priss snitchy-witchy spinster complete with the cat collection for her early crazy-cat-lady title.
Literally if anyone breathed she was like "I'm TeLlINg MoM" and then her mom would call us and be like "whoever breathed, it's an offense."
I honestly hope that either
a.) they could never get tenants to rent the upstairs apartment and went broke, or
b.) the woman got kicked out because she had unrealistic expectations of what perfection should have been

I honestly hated that apartment anyway, and the people that lived around it.
The only good thing was that it was near a school with a playground, near a tiny creek, and near a large park.

I honestly don't think any of the apartments I've lived in has ever had good insulation in it, they're all thin walls.
Imagine how I felt when a neighbor (my mom's sort of-friend, a single, middle-aged woman) was telling my mom that she could hear me in the shower... and ... if she could hear my shower running, then I know 100% for a fact that she could hear my horrible dying cat wails (aka singing.)
like, i know the walls are thin, but to hear me taking a shower, though? gonk
I demand a name change every time I sing in the shower! gonk

Sorry to hear that you have loud neighbors, I do hate them kind, myself.
My current neighbors:
To the left:
She'll be friendly one minute, but then be a douche the next minute, and she's the one my mom considers 'a friend.'
She's like, one of those snobby types that, if she makes a joke, it's funny and everyone should laugh, but if someone else tells a joke, she gets offended and makes spiteful comments.
My other neighbors on the right:
Sort of new, two women with a kid, and they almost always throw outdoor alcohol-fueled parties.
Imagine trying to sleep and you hear a dumb woman going "WHOOOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" at literally everything, every two seconds, while they're jamming out to bland music that'd honestly make me want to LEAVE the party to listen to better music. emotion_facepalm

Agreed though, sudden loud noises make me jumpy and anxious. x-x
I'd hate being so close to the back door to hear the noises, but also, in case of emergency (fire or flooding or whatever) does it put you closer to the exit?
And I agree with that, I've seen so many people fail to be good at parenting that it makes me wonder how they're still parents. x-x'

Yeah, double the trouble! emotion_awesome emotion_brofist emotion_dowant

oh no, wobbly table <O<
*sands down the other legs to make them even*

you have no idea the size of my candy bowl
(actually a massive punch bowl for a wedding BUT it held ALL the candy, amazingly, so it's like, a perfect, fancy candy goblet, in my opinion.) emotion_awesome

wow your work sounds like Mortal Kombat if someone sets out a candy bar.

Same, carving pumpkins and eating chocolate, my only two top priorities for Halloween. emotion_awesome
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/05/2021 3:11 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Hiccups suck, why would you GET them?
Put them back where you found them and run away from them! emotion_0A0
While I don't get cluster hiccups, I get hiccups that sometimes last for almost an hour.

You're welcome.
I think I've spent 80% of my time living in first-floor apartments, so I know exactly what that's like.
Also that kid who body slams on the floor, not gonna lie, reminds me of my adult green iguana I used to have.
She was about 4 feet or more in total (though, part of her tail got cut off in a doorway on accident, and then a dog chomped on her tail when she attacked the 80 POUND DOG, so she wasn't exactly 'full length' but she was a hefty gal.
She'd fill up the air sac in her gut and then do a swan dive right onto the floor with a big THUD and... yeah the downstairs neighbor was like "STOP HAVING YOUR KIDS JUMP OFF OF THE FURNITURE" and we had to explain... that's not a kid, that's an IGUANA, jumping off of the furniture. rofl
But the downstairs neighbor was a t**t and got us kicked out anyways (her parents, aka her neighbors, were right next door in a house, ever the Perfect Monitor, so you can imagine what life was like.)
But yeah though, I've had to deal with kids running and jumping, adults, even, and then parents screaming at kids / adults screaming at adults.
One time though, I don't know if a neighbor kicked in a door or slammed a door, but it sounded like a gunshot one night and I was like
"this is next-level scary and i don't know what i should do."
(they got kicked out eventually, so things were good after that.)
My previous neighbor was a woman with two girls, and the woman was an immature, dumb t**t child who was raising children.

Sorry to hear about you struggling with all that.
Hope things get better for you and you kick everything's butts.
I'll join you if you want. emotion_awesome
I think I still have my size 11 wide women's biker boots, would that be good? emotion_kirakira

also, careful with the table - that aggressive knocking might cause it to break down sooner than later. emotion_0A0

Watched a crappy movie for two hours wishing that I could make up an excuse to run away from the television.
Ten minutes before the ending credits, my mom tells me, "Sorry to say, I knew the movie was crappy, but if I said I had watched it, you wouldn't have watched it."
which my mom was wanting to give away and i was like
...the war is on over the Halloween candy and it's real.

Carved some pumpkins, they turned out great.
Dumb new neighbors left their porch light on every night, so my pumpkins didn't look lit up in the dark.
But at least my pumpkins were precious and cute and cool. >O>
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/31/2021 12:08 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I'm so dumb, I mistook 'mentally' for 'physically' and was like "wait what" emotion_0A0 and had to read that again.
And so I facepalmed mentally. XD
Glad that you love the new place! emotion_yatta
What were the hiccups, if it's okay to ask?
I'm a person who's probably lived in as many places as I am in years of age, it'd take a lot to surprise me.

Glad to hear you and your family are doing well. emotion_kirakira emotion_hug

Happy Halloween to you too! emotion_awesome
Shadow Belmonte Report | 10/28/2021 4:04 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Doing pretty good.
How's it going for you?
Liking the new place?
Tell me things! emotion_awesome
*excited flailing*

How about you and your family, doing okay?
Postvoteorexplore Report | 06/27/2021 11:38 am
MonkeyandFishyforever4 Report | 06/26/2021 4:44 pm