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Yo. I'm Jonas Lee, I'm 20 years old, I'm gay and I live in BFE northern lower Michigan where there are a lot of rednecks and nothing exciting or cool ever happens. Most people in town think I worship Satan. In high school I was voted "Mostly Likely To Shoot-Up The School. I really don't fit in anywhere cuz there's not a lot of freaks and weirdos like me. Also they're not too fond of gay dudes... but then I did mention they're all hick rednecks, so you probably figured that one out on your own. I hate it here but don't have the funds to move otherwhere so... yeah.
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Anyways, I'm a writer. I write sci-fi, horror, and fantasy... usually all at the same time, which can be pretty interesting even if it is a bit out there. Basically it's like what would happen if Buffy and Firefly converged into one show. Maybe I'll post some stuff later.

My deviantART

I also like to draw and paint. Especially painting... i like to paint naked chicks. I also play bass and rhythm guitar and i write songs, and a lot of lyrics. I'll probaby post some of those too. I sing too. I'm actually a pretty good singer if i do say so myself. I kick a** on Rock Band razz .

So, I also like to read. The most recent fiction thing I've read is the Hunger Games trilogy which was fantastic in my opinion, though the movie could've been better. But the most recent non-fiction book I read was a collection about serial killers, which I'm absolutely fascinated by. I also like to read the same kind of stuff I write = sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Check my interests for my fave authors, but to name a few I like Philip K. d**k, Clive Barker, Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov, and H.P. Lovecraft. (I like a lot of old literature, i dunno why.)

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My beautiful baby girl, Gabby!!

I watch a lot of tv. I'm addicted to crime dramas and true crime shows. mostly. My favorite being Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (otherwise known simply as SVU), though Criminal Minds is a close second (i'm madly in love with Spencer Reid lol). The original CSI is up there too. I also like Forensic Files, The Investigators, Wicked Attraction, Deadly Women, and Nightmare Next Door to name a few.

I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I'm pretty into videogames. I likes me my old-school games the best. My favourite game of all time is Starfox for the N64. Some other faves are Final Fantasy 4-9, the Zelda franchise- A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Windwaker being my personal faves. I also like fighting games the best of which being Soul Calibur 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee both for the Game Cube.

Anyhoozels, that's about it. Look me up on Facebook: Jonas Lee R. Chapman or shoot me an email: jonasleechapman@gmail.com or just contact me here as I'm usually on. Also contact me on Skype (same as my Gaia username).

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RIP Chubby. You are missed.

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Well it's enough to make you sick
To cast a stone and throw a brick
When the sky is falling down
It burned your dreams into the ground..

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PhoenixsForever Report | 04/09/2015 6:19 pm
cool avi
picklebutts12 Report | 08/03/2014 7:17 pm
Ah, when to the heart of man; was it ever less than a treason? To go with the drift of things. To yield with a grace to reason, and bow and accept the end. Of a love or a season?
picklebutts12 Report | 08/03/2014 7:00 pm
wow, what a pretty guy whee
Foodstamp Highroller Report | 08/01/2014 10:18 pm
Foodstamp Highroller
Oh cool-- I hate the long winter, cloudy days, thick humidity, and the giant amount of bugs in Michigan. But to each their own I guess haha
Foodstamp Highroller Report | 08/01/2014 9:51 pm
Foodstamp Highroller
South Michigan is even worse. If i were you, i'd get out of the midwest someday. Try the west out and I guarentee you'll like it. Detroit, Flint, Gaylord are all horrible haha. If you move I'd move to grand rapids or troy if you have to stay there.
Foodstamp Highroller Report | 07/31/2014 10:25 pm
Foodstamp Highroller
I'm so sorry that you live in gaylord. I use to live there. Just remember that there are many better places than that shithole sweatdrop
Noble Legolas Report | 07/25/2014 7:17 pm
Noble Legolas
Oh don't believe them! We're not perverted, they are! And your brother has every right to explore his sexuality. As long as he doesn't hurt anyone.
Noble Legolas Report | 07/25/2014 7:07 pm
Noble Legolas
I know what you mean. Everybody I know cheats in secret. They feel like they can talk to me about it, because I'm not judgemental about it. I know from quite a few couples that they both cheat in secret. On the other hand, I heard people gossiping about me being a pervert because of my open relationship as well! Ugh... I'm so glad I don't know what jealousy feels like.
Noble Legolas Report | 07/25/2014 6:48 pm
Noble Legolas
Okay great! Same here. allthough I have an open relationship, so that's a little bit different. I allow myself to have a crush on someone and uhm... get it on! lol xd But I still love my boyfriend for not freaking out. I'm sure my life doesn't get any better if I traded him for someone else. Most guys are jealous and can't handle that. Does that never happen between your dates?
Noble Legolas Report | 07/25/2014 6:35 pm
Noble Legolas
Ello! I love your haircut! aaand there was something else in your sig that caught my attention. What is polyamorus? biggrin

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