Hey, I'm Julia, also known as Hulia, Hulliard, Jules, Insectosaurus, or anything else you wanna call me. I'm usually a laid-back person, but if you give me mountain dew or any other highly caffeinated beverage, you better hope that you can run very fast!!! Umm, I'm pretty tall, I'm a natural blond, and it definitely shows through! I'm not really fat, but I'm not skinny, either. I have some weird problems. For example, I can watch a million scary movies, but every time someone is coming around the corner and I'm not expecting it, I usually jump and scream! Or if I'm home alone and the microwave or oven does the beeping thing that it's supposed to do when the time runs out, I almost pee my pants. I have a pretty awesome sense of humor, which can be a little over G-rated sometimes *wink wink*! Wow, I wrote a lot...I should stop now...No, I still have a lot to tell them! TOO FRIGGIN BAD! YOU'RE PROBABLY BORING THEM! Well then, be that way, self! Bye peoples!


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