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join here if you agree with me that gaia needs help!

SPEAK -Words of the Gaians-

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iknothecheezeman Report | 03/28/2009 11:18 am
Earth Hour is basically an hour that takes place on March 28th starting at 8:30 PM. For one hour, just turn your lights off. It's that simple. You don't have to turn anything else off. You don't have to unplug your refrigerator (please don't!). Just your lights! Of course, it doesn't just have to be lights. You can switch off more if you feel so inclined.

The purpose of this is to help conserve energy and fight global warming. Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. Almost all of the city turned its lights off for an hour. For those of you who don't know, Sydney is pretty big freaking place with a population of over 4 million people. Over 2 million homes and businesses participated. Then, in 2008, other big cities around the world joined in, including San Francisco, Rome, and more.

The goal for Earth Hour this year is to get 1 billion people to switch their lights off.

So what do you say? Gaia is a huge community and we have the power to get a ton of people to join in. Let's do this! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers. Whoever you can! Let's give the Earth a chance!

Again, I apologize for such late notice. Next year's will definitely be more organized. I promise!

Shut your lights off on March 28 at 8:30 PM local time. This means your own time; don't worry about being in-sync with the rest of the world. Maybe that'll come someday, but not now.

For more information, you can visit Earth Hour's website. Maybe even officially sign up. 3nodding

Please help keep this thread alive!

XxSam_Fl0werxX Report | 03/13/2009 10:21 pm
yo hi how r u? ^^
Miss_Dragon_Master Report | 02/17/2009 4:50 pm
hello.. i believe i am your new recruit...
Coliha Report | 01/03/2009 6:36 pm
We are not getting any where because you miss my point entirly. my point isnt about the cussing it is about how you were saying you were going to react to it and all i did was say that if you could kindly just leave us alone unless one of us abuses it. damn spread that word cuz if i get another douch bugging me again i will be come pissed for i am already aggitated beyon all belief.
Coliha Report | 01/02/2009 11:20 pm
I never said you do nor did i say you should, not once. all i asked was that if you dont like it if some one leaves a comment on some one elses profile who has no issue with it then just please leave well enough alone. it is rude to butt into others conversations and then do your best to hurt them for talking to each other they way they wish even if the conversation is where you can see it. remember gaia has some REALLY good filters if you dont like it you dont have to see it. Just because you dont agree with something does not mean you have to force your opinion on others that is all i am saying. Yes there are many people like you, talk to them and dont talk to those you find offencive. Lol i say this because i am trying to head off any harassment before it begins. lol btw i am one of those people who cusses every sentance grated i never call any one a f** just becuase the word has no meaning to me other than cigarrett but yeah. i use my cus words to keep my sentances flowing like you remove them it is a normal sentance but it is just a little habbit i picked up from a guy i use to date. lol but as for the accidental the only reason why you havent seen them here is because out of respect while talking to you i pay close attention otherwise my sentances just fly off of my fingers and well i type like i talk, habbit and one i am too lazy to change because i see no need to. i am happy with the way i am it is a part of my personality and well while you may disagree with us you dont need to attack us and i forsee that coming hense why i wrote you.
BreakingPoint XD Report | 01/02/2009 9:38 pm
BreakingPoint XD
ugh i mean

SPEAK -Words of the Gaians-
BreakingPoint XD Report | 01/02/2009 9:37 pm
BreakingPoint XD
oops haha i guess i should tell u that the guild is called

SPEAK -Words of teh Gaians-

just enter it into the guild search thing and it willl come up
BreakingPoint XD Report | 01/02/2009 9:36 pm
BreakingPoint XD
hey everyone! a guild has been created focusing on cleaning up the problems with gaia. SPREAD HIS WORD is 100% for this and if u accepted his friendship u should come join this guild so that the admin will finally notice whas going on
Coliha Report | 01/02/2009 8:42 pm
No the words themselves dont hurt they are only words. what hurts is The attitude of the person using them and the attitude of the person recieving them. the words by themselves are only bit of sound or in our current situation letters on a screen. If you decide it to be bad and hurtful then it will be. tell me do the words themselves hurt you or is it the person using them. it is the meaning behind the words that hurt but the words themselves are innocent. it is all in how you use the word and like i said the attitude of the parties involved aka the giver and reciever(s). OUr minds are the real enemy though cuz if it wasnt for the human insecurities and need for acceptance no ones words would hurt us. i use to be like that till i fell inlove for the first time but with much meditation and selfdiciplin exercises i am defeting my insecurities and words rarely hurt me any more. it is all about attitude. all i am trying to do is be sure that negative attitude is addressed. saying something is bad and ACTING upon it based off of your own personal preferance is not a very well tolearate thing to do if the action taken is against some one and not just contained to yourself. Basically the perpose was to ask you kindly if you look at my profile(that is how i saw your little clicky thing btw and started on this topic) please dont report if if any of my friends use language on it dont report them. it will upset us all just dont look at the profile. Computers have flters on them so you dont have to even know that stuff is there. only report it if the person puts it in "your domain". i read your profile and you said you would report every time you see it and are prompting others to do it too. i mean dude also remember sometimes the cussing is accidental. have you NEVER EVER said one on accident even in your head? for those that do it on a regular basis are more likely to slip up and type like they talk.
Silver Nephilim Report | 01/01/2009 3:30 pm
Silver Nephilim
Damn. It's only taking me awhile to read PL because it's got all those footnotes.


SPEAK -Words of the Gaians-

Join this guild and voice your opinions and views now and its FREE!!!


God is good

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