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Abolish Confusion
Who's that zebra with the tounge? Spot is that zebra with that tounge. Oh so mighty and oh soooo lonnngg, she can take off a womans thong with oneeee scchhhoolooong of dat long long tounge. redface

B A N N 3 D-D-D
Bye nipples
Bye ridiculously long tongue that still to this day i wonder how good of a b*****b you give.

There once was a zebra
Whose title was "Spot."
He was rather careless
And got his friend shot.
So, after a trial
And a long sentence sup,
Spot stands behind bars
So his stripes will line up.

Hee hee.

a hunger for flesh
Congratulations; you have made me feel arousal from a tongue for the first time ever. Take me now you long-tongued she-devil <3 <3 <3

Spot the Zebra. You do not know what spots are.


Ooooh. Get me too!

only this time in the butt

In case you can't reach me telepathically, click this

Spot the Zebra
For someone who acts so tough on the Internet you sure are a weeny for being scared of some tiny insects talk2hand
I act tough?
Allllllllllllll the time. For a while I even thought you might be some Mafia's Godfather. crying

Water Pipes
Get a haircut, you hippie

The Last Executioner
Spot the Zebra
The Last Executioner
Spot the Zebra
The Last Executioner
You're in a relationship
Stop with the teasing
Damn universe AGAIN
I'm polyamorous. I can tease and date other people.

You are a product of the universe to torture my soul for eternity
I love having that kind of power

You're the pornographic monster under my bed

Spot the Zebra
Spot the Zebra

are u hideyoshi
i don't know what that is

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yes i am all for gender equality

i am now

confused as s**t


Spot the Zebra
beastiality is disgusting and anyone who promotes it has a sick mind

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annoying doge
Idk what u look like and you piss me off half the time but I've always thought you'd be a great fk