Dear Subeta User
My name is Anonymous, I think you've heard about me. This is not a threat but a friendly warning, because I know how ugly it will get. You have to decide for yourself what Keiths stupid pride is worth to you.

Let me explain something, it doesn't matter if we had a valid reason to attack Subeta or not or who started the fight, the war is already on and we will countinue until Keith and Subeta is destroyed forever.

We've already destroyed white supremacist Hal Turner. He fought hard, but in vain, and he didn't know about us before and was an adult racist who needed to keep up a hard front to not look weak in the eyes of his peers. I could understand why Hal tried to fight us.

Keith Kurson on the other hand is a webmaster for a virtual pet site with kids in its user base and has a responsibility to his users. He knew about Anonymous before, no doubt about it. But he didn't care, he stole Longcat and when we wanted him back he mocked us with the hubris only a 17 year old boy could display. By doing that he exposed all Subeta users to the wrath of Anonymous.

Everyone is a target now because we know how to fight a war - you attack your opponents weakest link. Subeta's weakest link is the users, the youngest, with easily damaged minds. Anonymous has no morals and won't hesitate before sending kiddie porn and pictures of tortured kittens to children. But to Keith it's more important to be an internet though guy then to protect his users. He doesn't care about you, the only thing he cares about is his own ego, like the immature child he is.

I hope Keith is proud when over 9000 kids, because of him, has the image of a 7 year old girl, raped by her own father, permanently burned into their minds, the agony and fear in her eyes forever haunting them in their dreams.

But atleast he didn't give in to bullies.