User ImageI'm never on anymore... But if you'd like to talk, hmu c: ? User Image

User ImageMy threatening message.
BTW, Fool: xX Ninja Ballerina Xx was heree! <33
And I love Splodes so much. :'D She's my best friend, and she gave me munniez. And I'm sure she'll love the message I left on her profile.
So yeah. I'll send my mafia members after you if you do something mean to her.
I'll do it.
Just wait.
ANYHOO. Love you dahll face. <3


User ImageMy secksy message.
Hey thurr, it's Zackkkk. scream (Pokemon Rocker)
You rock, Jay! Ever since i met you, I`ve always known that. ((;
I really hope that we can stay friends until the very end of time itself! >;D
I also wish that we meet someday, somewhere, somehow.
You're just competely gnikcuf fantabulisciuzingly amazeeenngnggg. :'D
<3 I LUH YOUUUU. :333

-- Luh youu, Rawkurr.

User ImageMy cutesy little message
Yayy i get to write my sissy a message that is bizzomrific.
I love you julie. You is the bizzom.
A big sister that sings a lot.
Lol i have known you since well i was born and you were always there for me except when im in trouble then you leave but its still nice.
For your 16th birthday ima get you tickets to chris brown and backstage passes so you can meet your husband that doesnt no it yet but he will soon

♥ily♥ jazzy-boo-boo

User ImageMy Gazmik Song.

Jay is random,
She likes flavored condoms,
Especially banana,
Her underwear is really a rainbow bandana,
She'll eff you with her elbow,
And her head she's as faggy as a rainbow,
You can take her like a pill,
Cause she's got those pimpin' grills,
She doesn't need maps,
Cause she's got her wiggity-wiggity whack raps!
Run! She's gonna sososoplode! DETROY!
Then she'll play with her tree sized sex-toys.


User ImageMy Sexy Definition.

Main Entry: Splodes
Pronunciation: Ssss - pa - load - ssssss
Function: sexual
Etymology: Gaian, Asian, Yo Mommanese.
Date: Dinner and a Movie
1 : Epic
2 : What someone does when they reach maximum satisfaction
3 : The ability to be not just "Asian Awesome" but "God Mode Awesome"