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Hey my name is Splatter_Diva. I have changed my name alot of times (: Well, cause..I like names! Anyway I'm 579 days old(on gaia) I'm saving up for my New Dream avi, I already got bored of my other one. Im lot's of fun, get to know me (: Donation's are Kindly accepted! Thanks Much! -Splatter_Diva


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im very random sometimes...Hey look a cow..but yeah hope you like reading this..yeah i think that's what im supposed to say..hehe..oh well

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Jelly Nurd Report | 02/23/2010 4:47 pm
Jelly Nurd
Hiii! Omg I forgot how to get to rally!! Ill find it!! Who is this sunshine character?? HAaha!!
Ilov3sunshinee_xoxo Report | 02/07/2010 12:58 pm
RAWR. means i love you in dinosaur! (: BEST FRANN!
Ilov3sunshinee_xoxo Report | 02/07/2010 12:58 pm
Hii! Haha
ll Rein ll Report | 01/25/2010 8:19 pm
ll Rein ll
Exciting right?! xDDD
ll Rein ll Report | 01/25/2010 8:14 pm
ll Rein ll
About to go to sleep, xDDDD
ll Rein ll Report | 01/25/2010 8:13 pm
ll Rein ll
Nothin much! biggrin
What bout youz??
splatter_diva Report | 01/25/2010 7:54 pm
Im commenting on my own pagee (: hahahahahaha!!!!!!! I need some gold, for a starfish!
ll Rein ll Report | 01/25/2010 2:14 pm
ll Rein ll
I haven't been able to talk with you in forever! D:
catnap008 Report | 01/14/2010 6:32 pm
nice avatar! smile thanx for the buy!
ll Rein ll Report | 12/31/2009 4:37 pm
ll Rein ll
Splatter! You're as colorful as ever! xDDD
Dropped by to say "hi" cause I haven't in a while!! :O

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