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Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/29

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about myself

My name is Sidney.
My hair is naturally blonde, but I tend to dye it light, and different shades of blonde as I please. My eyes are blue-green.
I always try to find the good in everyone.
I enjoy talking to people and make new friends.
I'm single. I have one bestfriend, and many good friends.
My birthday is on December 29th.
I think Adam Levine from Maroon 5, is seriously hot. =]

He isn't unbuttoning your shirt to get a better view of your heart. I dont expect people to stay around forever, because in the end there
promises only lead to disappointment. I wear what i want not for
anyone else or cause everyone has it. So what, i've liked a couple guys,
doesnt mean i'm a slut. I cry because i'm hurt, not because ii didn't get my
way. I laugh because i'm that type of girl. I'm a dork, but what's wrong with that. I am what your not. I am the jealous type. I am a very self concious sort of
person sometimes, although I try to not be. I don`t always make promises but
when i do, i keep them, and i expect you to keep yours. its called TRUST. People lie. You cant change or help time, so every now & then, it'll just run out.
I don't have the neatest writing and i'm not afraid to be sloppy.
Hate me? good for you. Love me, bonus.
Nobody's perfect, so go ahead judge me, your not a
better person yourself. Wake up with a smile on your face.
Frienships are not always f o r e v e r.
You cant always expect people to care & even when your
best friends stab you in the front, dont think for a minute they didnt already aim
for your back. They missed for a reason. I make my own mistakes in order to
learn from them. At some point in your life, the words "life" & "risk" wont mean
anything to you anymore. I have regrets, who doesnt. Believe none of what
you hear, and half of what you see, because those who know; dont talk, &
those who talk; dont know. Not everything in life comes easy. Don't be afraid to say whats on your mind, just dont be a total b***h about it. Learn to forgive, but
never forget. Belive in the impossible. Don't give up easy. Don't waste your time. Spend your money on things that make you happy and you really don't need. Just be yourself. Never let someone try to change you. Smile & when all else fails, go play ball.

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Kenzo_The_DarkKnight Report | 08/07/2010 4:58 pm
You want 10000000 gold then copy/paste this to 10 profile
isnoweh Report | 03/18/2010 3:03 pm
Wtf Did your whole group of people die? o,e
iiJookabox Report | 12/29/2009 8:56 am
It is my pleasure biggrin
iiJookabox Report | 12/29/2009 8:52 am
Birthday i mean biggrin
iiJookabox Report | 12/29/2009 8:52 am
merry bithday biggrin
starfruit popsicles Report | 12/29/2009 8:34 am
starfruit popsicles
Np. X3
starfruit popsicles Report | 12/29/2009 7:56 am
starfruit popsicles
Happy Birthday~! biggrin
lemonpuppy Report | 12/29/2009 2:05 am
R.J.W Report | 12/28/2009 5:55 pm
Happeh birthday! =]
MrsTrickykittty Report | 12/26/2009 9:15 pm
Thanks for shopping n.n
Hope you have a great day and I like your avi!


I love random PM's and comment. (:
Would you send some, and be my hero ?
Private Messages are my favorite thoughh.
I love to talk.