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I'm kitty's~

and his forever

Well, you've stumbled into my profile. You must have been directed here from somewhere. Or something like that. ≧▽≦

My name's FRAULINE it's read as /fro-layn/, if you can't say it properly don't call me by my real name. I'm not trying to be rude, but live 20years of nobody saying your name the right way and it gets tiring. ^-^

My Japanese name is 藤原小春 and so, it goes to say that I wouldn't mind being called Koharu.
But never call me with a short-cut version of my name, or there will be bloodshed.

Basically I'm nuts.

I talk a lot, I laugh randomly, I dance randomly, sing randomly, talk randomly, and sleep in moving vehicles; just to 元気.

I'm paranoid, cynic, and easily jealous. I'm a big bag full of sweets, oxymorons and contradictions. I'm so lovable right? ・・・

I love to write, to draw and to read.

Of course, there's still the I love to watch anime and jdramas and listen to JPop and all that.

Oh, I love to read lots and lots, though I don't have so much time to do so this times, but I still make time to read.

A good book is like a wonderful feast to eat.

When it comes to reading, I am a gourmet. I spend more for books than for food or clothing.

Yes, I'm an anime, manga, jdrama, jpop otaku.
I've been an anime otaku ever since I was five years old, though I didn't know that word at that time. I watched a lot of anime and now still.
I've been a manga, jdrama, jpop otaku for almost one year and 10months now now (It's 11-11-09). Still very attached to all these.

I just love NEWS, Kat-Tun, Kanjani8, ABC-Z, Kis-My-Ft2, Question?, Budoukan, Kansai Juniors, Tokyo Juniors (except one - ugh), HSJ, and most definitely 遊馬w/B.I.Shadow.

and oh yeah... this is my recent recent picture...

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Sepia Ghost = winter rose heart so so generous!!!
Shiin_Asuka = helped me so much for my pixie heart yay!!!
Personalized Faerie = helped me with my mythic hair! heart awwww~
Britt-nay XP = donated 1500gold to me heart
zrac123 = donated 1005gold to me heart
Killz1st = donated 2000 to me heart
Bethany0426 = Durem Cheerleader Uniform heart
Chesire = Regalia Mantle, Reversible Pins, Nautilus heart
Cold Pillows = 2 Trick boxes (containing: Galileo's Telescope and Mythrill Coin) heart
Moonlight Phoenix = Flourite Borealis heart
KupoWrath = Feed-me Shirt heart
Pg-chan = Konfuzed rainbow toe sox, leviathan's grace (anklets) heart
Explosive-Cupcakes-Xx = random aquarium thingies heart
ColdPillows = donated 5000gold O_O heart
DemonDaysAngelWays = 6000gold items~ heart
angelicsesshomaru = white neko cosplay~ heart OMG~!!!
kasiakittyg = Jack's 2k9 vest~ heart kyaaaaaaa~!
Tennyo no Aiyoku Setsuna = 60k O_O heart OMG kyaaaaaaaaaa~
StyxKitten = raging night jewel~ heart
Cloudy Heart = 4000gold heart yay~
Distorted Failure = 115000gold heart ^-^
Candy Coated Genocide = Fox ears heart i love you~!!!
Rusinstein = heart
FReaKRaveR = 4500gold heart
Teh Bun Bun = 1000gold items! heart
Rhiannon wicked = items! heart
PKUD3AD = regalia of ancient fire (leggings) and striped stockings heart
??? = Secret Black Widow Dress (please tell me who.. 'cause i forgot.. T^T) heart
[ -Axel- ] = Pora Ice 2nd Gen :hear: thank you sooooo much~
Z-chan269 = 1000gold heart
Anonymous donor = Chai Tea Time Waitress Dress heart heart


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hey! xD
Born Backwards

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Born Backwards

Happy birthday!!
Eden Hexes Perfection

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Eden Hexes Perfection

Random Faerie

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Random Faerie

Animated items. Blah. Blah. Blah.

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you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this to ten profiles and press f4 then log out than log back in and check your gold

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*pokes back*

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hi girl..ate Rose here if you can still remember me :p
I'm back to Gaia redeeming the items my ex stole from me @.@
nice to see you here again. I guess I'm a bit lost now, I couldnt recall some of the features here lol
I cant even recall how to write a journal heart
missed you
Kottan Belle

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Kottan Belle

no not really. i never hung around enough to know ^^;

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sino? bakit, anu nangyari? o_o
Kottan Belle

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Kottan Belle

i dunno. they restarted somewhere else. the link should be there somewhere.


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