Cathee Danielle. 15YOUGIN'.
.February 16, Hug me.
5'3 is the tallest i can stand.
Asian-Nite : Chinese&&Viet
I'm probably mix with other
race but Whatever.

OOOO I like. (;

When Justin Bieber said he was having a baby, Bruno Mars threw a grenade at him and said: You're gay!! which made Lady gaga call Alejandro for help. Rihanna was scared the world would end , so she took drugs and forgot her name. Eminem said. Im not afraid of dying. Brittany told Rihanna drugs were toxic, and Rihanna told her: Go work as a circus clown, u freak! Finally, Nelly woke up saying. Phew! it was Just a dream! XD


Remember when you were a little kid...
•Climb up the slide = BADASS.
•Line Leader = FU^KING BOSS.
•Birthday girl/boy =COOLEST PERSON IN THE CLASS.
•Jump off the swing = COOL KID.


People sitting around you at the movie theater.

There are the people:
•that carelessly talk on the phone
•who keep asking questions (e.g. “what’s gonna happen next?” or “who’s that?”)
•who yell at the movie (e.g. “it’s in the closet! OH s**t, I KNEW IT! TOLD YOU!”)
•that text; so you see a bright light somewhere in the theater
•who chew their food to loud
•who can’t seem to find a comfortable position (keep moving around)
•who don’t even watch the movie; they just fall asleep and snore hella loud
•who put their feet up on your chair

& Then there are those people:
•who simply sit quietly during the movie, doing absolutely nothing annoying.