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A reflected silhouette

So you wish to know alittle bit about me?
To know me is to know you know nothing at all about me.
To see one side of me, or see words i have written is only to see what i am willing to show to you. to know me, is to speak to me, learn not from my words but by my actions the truth of what and who i am.

What i am does not matter, only that i am. Male or female, take your pick, neither mean anything to me. I am a Consciousness within flesh, The flesh is my vessel and no more. My Self is unaligned to either. I am neither and i am both.

I like a good conversation, a civil discussion that leaves me pondering things i wouldn't otherwise. I like anything that makes me ponder, wonder, and think.
Im not the brightest bulb, but that doesnt change that i enjoy thinking about new things. My fascinations change often, and i have many. Boredom is almost painful to me and i do whatever i can to relieve it.

Im a homebody, and doll maker. I make crafts of all sort, and they are sold for me by my business partner. I keep my hands busy, and am fortunate enough to survive on it. I live modestly. I like my space and freedom, and that matters more to me than wealth

I do role-play, though it is a hobby and an interest, I am in no way the best. Most consider me Illiterate because of my inability to properly spell. Though i often have a clear image in my head of what i wish my characters to do, i often do no know the best way to communicate it.

Creativity in all forms is beautiful. The ability to create, to Draw from the ethereal realm of dream and imagination, to create an image, a verse, a life in the world of the waking threw art. That is true beauty. THough most can not appreciate this in its truest form.


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Risen from Ash.

What we each do with our time is measured in the energy we radiate. Is our influence one which takes lifeforce or energy of those connected to our path through a turbulent existence? Is it of a single entity we become when we move towards the same goals.
And the energy we put forth in the world.

With my bread i have poured my energy into the ground to grow, and found it bountiful by its fruits, i offer it to a stranger. a stranger just like me.I offer it as if offering to the whole which we are but apart of,and is appart of us.

With my energy i pour into the world around me. WIth my will i do the best i can, knowing i can only do it for myself. THat the course willtake its own, i can only find my solace in the choices i chose to make.
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Granny Spark