My Life >_<...SUCKS!

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Some people say I"m like an Oreo Cookie because I'm black on the outside and white on the outside, yeah so what get use to it I'm black and I like dressing up like a goth and listening to rock and roll like ACDC and DUDE in some sentences that's who I am darn it. Finally I'm out of that hell hole of a school an all boy school even though I'm am going to miss my friends. Oh well can't change the past anyway a little something about my life playing football for senior in high school, I am an artist anime only though. I want to work for an manga/anime company or a software/gaming company. But if either of the two don't work I want to try out for voicing over in anime show or cartoon so in your faces....Oh and by the way giving someone the "finger," doesn't do much because what does holding up a finger do nothing I mean are you suppose to feel bad when someone gives you the "finger." I know I don't cause it's stupid well anyways bye for now anyways ^_^