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Favorite quote so far:
Steff: I'm not going to bite the dust!
Andrea: You will when you die!
Steffy: You'll bite the dust!
Andrea: Yea and with my luck I'll choke on it and die again
Steff: xDDDDDD

Other quotes:
Steff: "Andrea, I wanna paint this picture of Cloud. Should his skin be tan, or green?"
Andrea: "Green."
Steff: *paint paint paint* "There, satisfied, Annie?"
Andrea: "What?"
Steff: "He's the Incredible Hulk. Happy?"
Andrea: "Steffy! Did you take me seriously!?"

Steff: "Andrea... This guy, he tried to commit suicide. But instead, he shot a deputy..."
Andrea: "Hah. Good aim, huh?"

Andrea: Your mother!
Steff: Your father!
Andrea: Your sister!
Steff: Your brother!
Andrea: Your monther!
Steff:Your father!

Steff: *explains what the Red Bino and Zurg do*
Andrea: Seriously?
Steff: Yeah.
Andrea: Sweet, now I can be like Michael Jackson!

Steff: No, not Devil May Cry. Dirge of Cerberus. See, DoC, not DMC.
Andrea: Close enough!
Steff: Is not. xD
Andrea: Well it coulda been Devil Outta Character or somethin!
Steff: xDDD

Steff: *gasp* Annie, I want this Organization XIII coat!
Andrea: Why? It's like the black KKK!

Steff: What should I name my Water Meat?
Andrea: Name it Yo Momma!
Steff: Okay. I'll just call for it. xD "Hey! Your mom! Come here!"
Mom: *walks in* Did you call me?
Andrea/Steff: xDDDD

Steff: You only like the football players cause of their asses!
Andrea: Yeah, so? Why do you think they train so much?
Steff: Do you know what they do in the locker rooms?
Andrea: Well, buttsex gives them a nice ass!
Steff: xDDDDD

Andrea: Steffy... Make me wake up...
Steff: *screams loudly into her ear*
Andrea: ... That hurt my ear.
*Later On...*
Andrea: Steffy... Make the world more interesting...
Steff: ...Your mom has a penis.
Andrea: ...Oh gawd my eyes! Yeah, now I'm awake!

Sexual but still funny quotes:

Andrea: *arughes how the black man is always killed first
Steff: *Stupidly agrees than says something about Asian's small dicks
Andrea: Well duh girl's have bigger dicks than them
Steff: So what about your motion theory? Are you still gonna do them
Andrea: They may have a small penis but they know how to work it in other departments.
Steff: And what are those?
Steff: Were bad.
Andrea Damn straight

Andrea: *quiet because something odd on t.v*
Steff: Why are you so quiet Annie?
Andrea: Because there are two people making out on my t.v butt naked
Steff: Is it two boys?
Andrea: No, a boy and a girl.
Steffy: DAMNIT!!!!!!!