2=Brad Keselowski (Miller Lite)
6=David Ragan (UPS)
16=Trevor Bayne (No Sponsor)
20=Joey Logano (Home Depot + Game Stop)
32= Reed Sorensen (Dollar General)
60= Landon Cassill (Big Red)
((all of these have changed))

I have the most amazing kitties ever!!! Squeek, and I've raised her these past 10 years (since she was a week) and Rocket Raccoon who is 2 now.

I am OBSsESD WITH: NASCAR, Hetalia, FullMetal Alchemist, Durarara!!, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock, and Harry Potter of course... I also love the Marvels. I cannot choose a favorite Anime/Comic/Book/Author/Manga. I love watching Let's Play / Rooster Teeth (OMG RWBY!)on the YouTubes... ^^

I'm Polish/Romanian/Austrian/Hungarian on my Dad's side, Canadian, French, and Irish on my mom's and I have a really sad love for Polish Food, and Hockey

I cosplay at conventions in my state... Hetalia. I made a Hungary cosplay, and a casual Lithuania. I bought a Belarus cosplay and I work at a Hetalia Themed Maid Cafe. On this site, my Avie Cosplays as Hungary, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, and Russia (all from Hetalia, although my Lithuania and Canada cosplays are currently on my mule) I also cosplay as Erika from DURARARA!! As well as Blake and Ruby from Rwby (Sun and Roman and Weiss on my mules)

Post a comment if you wanna talk about anything...XD