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weLcOme tO my prOfiLe!
cOmments, messages, gifts, and friend requests
are highly appreciated!

im spct3,
lives @ the PhiLippines (it is located at the southeast asia)
my favOrite coLor is pink, and white

My FamiLy, GOD, Jesus, My Friends, My Relatives

Copycats, Haters, Rippers, Killers, Bad People, Yucky Things, Scary Things, SATAN!!

Who i want to meet:
Nice, kind pinoys and pinays here in gaia. biggrin

i started pLaying Gaia Online February 2008.

My next avi COMPLETED!
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Total Value: 33,722 Gold

Item List:
Magical Girl
Black Lace-up Cork Sandals
Black Heart Face Tattoo
Ballerinas Circlet
Pink Sweetheart Teddy
Tiny Pixie Wings
Rose Tea Time Waitress Dress


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iPandaChan99 Report | 02/06/2009 6:11 pm
nice avi! love it!
2b3m3 Report | 01/02/2009 9:04 am
hi, I LOVE your profile its so cute and jolly lol wats up??
oOSHORTiiRAWROo Report | 12/26/2008 12:16 pm
wow i luff ur avii=]
JoshuaAndreMunoz Report | 12/16/2008 3:31 am
hi im new here
chunlee 5 Report | 08/16/2008 6:14 am
chunlee 5
what do you call that background something your wearing?^_^
Kati Skelliga Report | 08/03/2008 11:48 am
Kati Skelliga
aww i just love ur avi
its sooo cute 4laugh
xCuteCupcakex Report | 06/27/2008 2:15 am











xCuteCupcakex Report | 06/25/2008 9:58 am

1. Whew! It is HOT. When the weather is sunny, you love to…
a. …lie in the shade and relax.
b. …run around and investigate the yard.

2. Ding dong! The doorbell rings. Do you…
a. …stay put and yawn once or twice?
b. …run up to the door to check and see who it is?

3. At your BFF’s birthday party, you make your entrance by…
a. …sneaking into the room and then hanging out in a corner.
b. …bounding into the room and totally being the center of attention.

4. If a Queen of Mean walks up to say something nasty, you…
a. …scowl and give her a LOOK, then walk away.
b. …stand your ground and get ready to say something in your defense

5. At soccer practice, someone kicks a ball past you toward your goalie, so you…
a. …look back and hope the girls on defense stop the ball.
b. …run full speed at the ball and bring it back up the field.

6. After soccer practice, you head straight for the…
a. …shower—you hate being dirty!
b. …refrigerator to grab a snack—a shower can wait until tomorrow.

7. Home sweet home! Your bedroom is…
a. …neat as a pin; everything has its own place.
b. …a bit messy, like a tornado has touched down.

8. Usually, when you meet new people, you…
a. …take a while to really warm up to someone.
b. …don’t waste any time before becoming friends!

9. When you’re at the dinner table, you typically…
a. … savor each bite and enjoy your food slow enough to put your fork down!
b. … wolf down your food so you can go play Wii.

10. When it comes to BFFs, your number one must-have quality is…
a. …compassion.
b. …loyalty.


If you chose mostly (a)s... you are a CAT! You are a little quiet and maybe even shy, but your BFFs know that you’ll be there for them and always give good advice whenever needed. You have a routine that you like to stick to, and you love to enjoy all the small things life has to offer. Stress doesn’t bother you too much, because you’ve got your ways to deal with it and mellow out. The center of attention is NOT the place you’d ever want to be, but you do like getting attention from people you know well and who know you well. Your friends love you especially because you’re sweet and caring, and you’re always there to listen.


If you chose mostly (b)s... you are a DOG! You are always busy and curious and full of energy. Your friends love that about you, and even though you’ve got lessons and clubs and other activities, they know that you will NEVER do anything to betray their trust and that you’d drop everything just to help them out. Your busy schedule can stress you out from time to time, but it’s nothing a good, long run or a hard workout at soccer practice won’t fix. You enjoy being loud and funny sometimes and you don’t mind being the center of attention, either. Your friends love you because you’re a blast to hang out with and you’re always up for anything fun and exciting!


If you chose an equal number of (a)s and (b)s... you’ve got a split animal personality! You’ve got qualities on both ends of the spectrum—you’ve got a ton of energy, but you also have times where you like to be quiet and alone. Your really only show your true colors among your BFFs and family, but you’re always open to making new friends. When something bothers you, you tend to keep it to yourself, but be careful—if it comes to the surface, you’re like a St. Bernard in a glass shop! Your friends love you because you’re playful and loyal, but you’re also deep and give meaningful advice.

*How 'bout your BFF? Is SHE/HE a dog or a cat? Or, is your brother/sister the opposite of you? Hahaha -- which explains why you fight like CATS and DOG? lol!
piink21 Report | 06/20/2008 11:32 pm
o nooooo lol you have on exactly wat i was saving up to get lol i was going to get the waitress outfit as well lol well it looks good on u and thx for commenting back!
piink21 Report | 06/20/2008 2:10 am
kewl avi and really cute page

60k / 300k.
Help Me?!
Thanks. :]

Art by Fallen Angel Lenth