Ok, little about me.

I should actually make an //actual// about me.
Yo, name's Spazy or Fay... Or both. Whatever suits you.
I am 24 years old. Yuuuup. Oldish but not old in gaia apparently.
Yes I am actually female. .H.
I forget easily and also I do mostly role play.
I do own a kitten. I should show off pictures of him.

Up to Date Ugly Mug

Ugly Mug Nerd Pic

Enzo, my kitten Cat <3

Guess that's it for now.


Damion Galebrook's Poem of Spring (My Request)

Blue skies, blooming flowers.
Sitting on the porch for Hours.
Bees Buzzing, the Bird's Chorus,
A symphony made for all of us.
New life, new beginnings,
A dreaded Winter's blessed Winnings.
Spring has come, life anew
Like this kind word from me to you.