'allo my name is Sara. I am 15 years old. I like to play the guitar, sing and anything else that deals with music. If u soo want to befriend me, msg me and lets do the damn friend thing!
I am a pen clicker/fridge licker and i dance to the sound of ice tea being stirred.. what a tune! I have a 'thing' for sharpees. ; )
lmao well actually, im kinda weird but if you are not afraid to msg me and be my friend or something you are definately worth talking to. Im always up to making new friends! : )


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Spastic_ReRe in a Nutshell.......

Me in a Nutshell....

Hey. My name is Sara. I am 16 and love to skateboard. In my journal i write tuns a crap about crap...im never bored...


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Yeah we have to! and we need to tan cuz we are white..lol we are toilet paper! LOL remember? LOL that was sooo funny..
Love ya girl!
Christie M


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