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Hello, my name is Adriana. I'm a person, just a little person in this big world we thrive upon. Some may say I'm a person who helped them, Some may say I'm a person who scares them, Some might even say that I saved their life; Either way, in my eyes, I'm just another average person trying to find a way to live in this harsh but giving world we're on. I have a Dark Side and a Heavenly Side. The Dark Side, I fairly warn you it is indeed the side you'd never want to see. The Heavenly Side, However, Is the very giving and kind side of me that you'd like to meet but is hard to get to. I'm usually stuck in the middle, Neutral as you may call it. I'll help when I can, I'll even be a shoulder to cry on if its needed, but please don't ever abuse the fact that I can be helpful. So, What it all comes down to, Is that I'm just a person. I'm not Ordinary, but not Extraordinary either. I'm just, What you may call, Adriana. I'm myself, no one else.

By the way, I'm not on Gaia as much as I used to be. So, if you have an account, don't be afraid to add me on Facebook. I'm Adriana Poole, I usually just have an anime picture up as my profile picture to make it easier to find me so there you go. I also have a DeviantArt account, I'm SparklyAJ of course, so there's another way of contact.


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Rizrael Report | 01/12/2011 7:57 pm
It's very, very hard to offend me. *hugs* And your reason is that I'm your friend, ok? ^^
Rizrael Report | 01/08/2011 9:05 pm
You need a reason? D:
Rizrael Report | 01/08/2011 8:21 pm
You can borrow it sometime if you'd like. ^^

Rizrael Report | 01/08/2011 7:48 pm
Mhm, it is.

6K, and I'm going to try and make this the year I get the Nitemare Scarf. Soon hopefully, but you never know. =/
Rizrael Report | 01/08/2011 7:07 pm
5 actually, but the others are summoned by the Compass of Seidh and Gogh Reed.

*pets your head* Ok, but expect me to be donating a LOT when I'm not steadfast on my quest.
Rizrael Report | 01/08/2011 6:48 pm
Mhm, he's sleeping with my Gwee and Smok right now. ^^

<.< Nu.
Rizrael Report | 01/08/2011 6:33 pm
I guess she smells my Mwee. ^^

Nah, take one as a gift. ^^
Rizrael Report | 01/07/2011 5:22 pm
*pets Mwee*

It's the Ace Meow item.
Rizrael Report | 01/06/2011 6:45 pm
*watches Mwee*

Really? They're fun, and some are cheap. There's a cat one out right now from the winter event that's 7K and has an "I Am".
Rizrael Report | 01/06/2011 6:14 pm
Idk anymore, I've sold/bought/put some on I've lost track. I think it was 30 something at one point. XD Especially with the ones that have multiples and different versions.



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