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Oh, me?
Well, my name is Callie.
This is me:
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I BoomBoomClap'd your MUM last night.
Y'know what bro? Yer face. That's what.
That's what your mum said last night when I was boomboomclapping her.
She lol'd when you boomboomclap'd her? That's sad.
Um, yeah...I'm weird. xD I'm five feet six inches tall, and I think I'm getting shorter. T^T That totally sucks. I'm a professional author, even though you probably can't tell by my horrid abuse of the written English language. I love literature more than... pretty much anything, really. I'm a huge fan of art, too.
And if anyone can tell me what play my Signature quote is from, I will totally give you a cookie. Or maybe some gold.(:


I say it's perfectly heartless you're eating muffins at all, under the circumstances.
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Tornadomaster_Auron Report | 03/16/2009 8:28 am
Indeed it is.
Brigadier General Chappy Report | 03/15/2009 7:29 am
Brigadier General Chappy
Ah, cool. xD
Well, many people play and lose the game each day.
Like I said, welcome to the game. xD
Brigadier General Chappy Report | 03/14/2009 9:26 pm
Brigadier General Chappy
I don't think I've heard of them before.
Brigadier General Chappy Report | 03/14/2009 9:23 pm
Brigadier General Chappy
Congrats. xD
and most people are playing it before they see my sig.
I just make them lose.
Crimsonlightning Evan Report | 03/12/2009 1:58 pm
Crimsonlightning Evan
I know how that feels we just have to wait until are stubborn parents buy a new computer or calls the computer guy
Crimsonlightning Evan Report | 03/12/2009 1:41 pm
Crimsonlightning Evan
heres some of my favorites(some) Deathnote, Naruto, Bleach, Gundam Seed, Code Geass
Luda15 Report | 03/12/2009 1:36 pm
Yeah Im Just Making Fun Of People With Some Friends
Crimsonlightning Evan Report | 03/12/2009 1:34 pm
Crimsonlightning Evan
oh ok ill put remind myelf to watch it
Crimsonlightning Evan Report | 03/12/2009 1:30 pm
Crimsonlightning Evan
no but i should is it on youtube
Crimsonlightning Evan Report | 03/12/2009 1:23 pm
Crimsonlightning Evan
nothing I downloaded a gaia tool bar hoping for 1k promised by the site and did get it.