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Whats popping, im SpacePain
i play smash bros competitively
i stream on twitch/ upload sometimes on youtube
HMU for more details on that
i made this account in like 2008 lol so much has changed


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Megaman_Legends_Rebirth Report | 10/11/2011 3:27 pm
link is awesome, and thanks for the ADD 3nodding
Mi5ery Report | 06/15/2011 2:40 am
hey !
SpacePainCake Report | 04/25/2011 6:44 pm
Audi famam illius.
Solus in hostes ruit
et patriam servavit.
Audi famam illius.
Cucurrit quaeque
tetigit destruens.
Audi famam illius.
Audi famam illius.
Spes omnibus, mihi quoque.
Terror omnibus, mihi quoque.
iuxta me.
Ille iuxta me.
Socii sunt mihi.
qui olim viri fortes
rivalesque erant.
Saeve certando pugnandoque
splendor crescit.
Translated Lyrics
I’ve heard legends of that person
How he plunged into enemy territory
How he saved his homeland
I’ve heard legends of that person
How he traveled the breadth of the land, reducing all he touched to rubble
I’ve heard legends of that person
I’ve heard legends of that person
Revered by many -- I, too, revere him
Feared by many -- I, too, fear him
Now, that person
Stands at my side
Now that person stands at my side
Now my friends are with me
Some of them were once heroes
Some, my mortal enemies
And as we face each other in battle, locked in combat
We shine ever brighter

Mi5ery Report | 03/14/2011 4:32 am
hey u how u been ?! i miss u hehe<3 hopefully you'll reply bak we need to catch up on things <33
mrblack189 Report | 11/12/2010 12:48 pm
thx for buying the key!!! razz
My-BlackRed-Death Report | 11/06/2010 6:57 pm
yea i beat all of it xD teh boss wat too easy but teh ghost =.= hate them got kill and ohhhhhh I HATE JACK
SpacePainCake Report | 11/06/2010 6:50 pm
This is my escape
I'm running through this world
And I'm not looking back

'Cause I know I can go
Where no one's ever gone
And I'm not looking back

But how will I know when I get there?
And how will I know when to leave?
We've all got to start from somewhere
And it's right there for me
The possibilities are never ending

I see it, I see it
And now it's all within my reach
Endless possibility
I see it, I see it now
It's always been inside of me
And now I feel so free
Endless possibility

[Verse 2:]
And so I'll carry on
My time to shine has come
I feel it

As fast as I can go
Straight to the top I know
You’ll see it
(You’ll see it)

So please wake me up when I get there?
It feels like I’m lost in a dream
I know in my heart that it’s my time
And I already see
The possibilities are never ending

Drop that smile
‘Cause you’re beaten again
No this is where
My journey begins

You'll losing speed, you're losing your flow
But inside me is a power you'll never know!
Then let it out, it's inside you!
Better all stand back, 'cause I'm coming through!

[Chorus x2]

(Endless Possibility)
Endless Possibility
(Endless Possibility)
Endless Possibility
Black khally Report | 09/06/2010 2:39 pm
Black khally
On top of my pro, it says black_khally's art shop click here to visit, and has the image of my eye on it lol, i heart tsubasa but havent got it here, I was left w 2 chptrs of tokyo revelations sad
My-BlackRed-Death Report | 09/03/2010 5:34 pm
i like ur song so wyd?
My-BlackRed-Death Report | 08/03/2010 5:07 pm
hah?wat u meant?



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