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Report | 05/23/2014 1:37 am


I'm in NE TN - That sounds awful!! I'm so so sorry.... Our roads are similar. I hear it is because when they fix roads, the materials they use only last a few years - due to funding. If they would do like some other countries, put in the harder materials, they would last longer. Funding is the issue. I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. I know you may not have known him but still, there is a connection. Our's was just recent this week too and one about a month or 2 ago. We all post watch out for bikers. Sad... Prayers...
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Report | 05/23/2014 12:48 am


Sorry I got off subject...

I would worry though - I'm sorry to hear about those. Most of the time they try and blame the bikers but drivers are who have a hard time seeing them just glancing. I know there are some young, reckless, bikers but most are just out driving and better in packs. Very nice talking with you. I'm on EST time and it is 3:46 AM here and I will be getting sleepy soon. I hope. I shouldn't have had that desert which has got me on a sugar rush and I'll be crashing soon. Again, I hope. Makes me too chatty!! Take Care!! 3nodding
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Report | 05/23/2014 12:17 am


Oh I know it!! I have rode on the back of a luxury bike - the wider ones, but not a Harley - when I dated this one guy. He had that, a regular dirt bike, a black Mustang Hatchback Collector Classic limited, Butternut 67 / 66 / 65 Chevy SS, 90's model Corvette, Extended Cab Truck, 11 years older then me, gave me 2 dozen roses for my B-day - and what did I do??? I went back to my ex at the time. I'm 45 and married to the next guy who is a Marine - well, not active, but once a Marine always a Marine. You see where I made my mistake? When I was 18 and married my ex instead of going to college LOL hehe Money isn't everything though. My kids keep me going and they are grown now after 21 years. WOW it flies. Back on subject though - We just had some fatalities close to home here involving bikers and it hurts to see what happens. Maybe you should keep your eyes on them and keep that dream afloat for a while - we want to keep you around!! <3
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Report | 05/22/2014 11:53 pm


Oh my, You are a Rolling Biker Dude!! I just posted several pics of the Rolling Thunders on my FB account - not sure if you are into that or not... Please don't throw stones at me if you aren't...
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Report | 05/22/2014 11:37 pm


Your Profile ART - It is Amazing!!! eek I'm in love with it!!! emotion_bigheart

Thanks for bumping and grabbing my glow thread - I see you there every now and then wink
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Report | 03/31/2014 5:46 am

Awkward Anarchy

No thanks! xd Sometimes you are unlucky... sometimes lucky blaugh
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Report | 03/03/2014 6:25 am


Noticed you in my main glow thread, and couldn't help commenting on your name. It reminded me of a family I use to know in Florida. They had a boy William, the last name might not be spelled the same. Gosh it's been a way long time ago now. ::grabs cane, walks away:: lol
Anyway, thanks for visiting my aquarium glow. biggrin
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Report | 12/19/2013 4:16 am


4laugh thanks ive been so busy i forgott my own birthday *shifts more paperwork away *
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Report | 05/01/2013 1:48 pm


Thankiees for your purchase! :3
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Report | 02/24/2013 11:09 am


Lol Thanks dude I really haven't been on here. So I don't wants my money that I spent going to waste. I may come on every now and again but I don't think I need my stuff. So
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Report | 12/11/2012 8:34 pm


mis psy beat you by like almost a week xd but thankies 4laugh i love early bday wishes whee
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Report | 12/11/2012 8:17 pm


wahmbulance not today on the 13th XD
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Report | 08/08/2012 8:20 pm

Lil Brat

*Snuggles* Hey you ~ hope RL knocks it right off now.
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Report | 06/30/2012 11:58 pm

Lil Brat

Better be ~ Else Gilda will have to bring out the needles and start poking peoples and who knows what meds she'll use. emotion_awesome
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Report | 06/30/2012 9:12 pm

Lil Brat

*Pokes* Hey there mister ~ *hugs* Hangs in there...
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Report | 05/13/2012 9:30 am


Thank you Sir.
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Report | 03/28/2012 9:15 am


I'm sorry to hear that. sad I'm trying to get past this though. Not easy though
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Report | 03/23/2012 7:59 am


Thanks man...it's been hard.
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Report | 02/27/2012 11:15 pm


THX xd
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Report | 12/25/2011 1:45 pm


*smoochies* Merry Christmas. heart I'm sure there will be many things keeping me warm this Holiday. wink
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