Chlorissa <3 Your not-so average teenager.

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User ImageI am not your typical average teenager. I brighten up other's days when I can't even brighten up my own, I'm crazy, I'm sweet, I like to sing with the radio and dance stupidly, I sing in the shower, I film stupid videos of myself, I hate labels, I talk to myself, I am really smart and stupid, I love easily, and my favorite thing to do is to dance in the rain. I am not perfect. I am....super shy. And I can be a hypocrite. I also have a short temper. I overreact and I forgive and forget. I screw up alot, and the guy I like thinks I'm a brainiac when I can be real stupid. No one knows the true, crazy, me. This teenager's name is Chlorissa. My parents made up the name. I like my name because it's different. And as you can see, I like to be different. That's what makes life special, and what makes us special. And crazy. And I don't care what you think of me, because the only opinion that matters is mine. I am who I am. Get over it and get on with your own lives. Life is too short to be a stuffy-so life to it's fullest and rock yourself out in the rain <333.

Chlorissa. heart

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