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A servant and guard to Russia; he pines for the old life, but is fiercely loyal, in many areas resembling a dog.
He gives his all to Russia, and is never far away, despite the Ural Mountains standing between them.

Name: Aleksei Morozov. (Алексе́й Моро́зов.)
"Aleksei" means "Defender", "Morozov" means "Frost."
Can also be spelled "Alexei."
Represents: Siberia; also known as, "The Sleeping Land."
Nicknames: The General. (Not to be confused with "General Winter.")
Capital: Tobolsk.
Birthday: July 17th. (Corresponding with the date the Siberian Republic declared its short-lived independence.)
Age: Appears to be in his mid to late thirties.
Height: 6'5".
Weight: Unknown.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Pale blue.
Marital Status: N/A.
Likes: Nature and wildlife. Vodka and China's tea, but never mixed together.
Dislikes: Bolsheviks and Soviets; tourism, the Trans-Siberian Railway.
Flag: It is green and white, with the green representing the forests/taiga and the white representing the snow.
There are two variations; the less-known with white and green horizontal bars, and the more commonly-recognized diagonal triangles.


Aleksei's appearance, including his complexion, comes from his diverse "mutt" blood(his eyes are also inspired by the Siberian Husky). The many scars and markings on his body are from conflicts on his land, especially the Russian Civil War, and natural problems or disasters.
However, the three most prominent scars represent the three districts his land has been separated into; the scar over his eye is The Urals Federal District, the scar across his chest is The Siberian Federal District, and the largest scar across his back is The Far Eastern Federal District. Siberia makes up around 77% of Russia's territory with a landmass of approximately 13.1 million square kilometers, but it only has 28% (or roughly 40 million people) of Russia's population. It's incredibly valuable due to the many resources found and cultivated there, and it is also one of the locations that boasts having taiga.


Upon first meeting, Aleksei may seem cold or intimidating, with a rugged appearance completed by various scars. He's a wise man who has both witnessed and experienced much in his long life, but underneath that he's rather gentle and warmhearted, despite the acts he has both willingly and unwillingly committed.
He has a very strong, if not blinding, sense of loyalty, which sometimes leads him into irrational decisions or outright turning his back on morality. He doesn't back down from a challenge, which is both a blessing and a curse, as for him, surrender is only an option when all is lost.
Contrary to what one might expect, Aleksei favors the peace and quiet of nature, and often complains in secret about both the Trans-Siberian Railway and the growing popularity of tourism in Siberia.
Although he is a part of Russia and was given a (full) Russian name, he does not consider himself to be Russian. Like most of his people, he considers Siberia to be ethnically and nationally separate from Russia -- as Siberians. There is much unrest among his people on behalf of independence from Russia, regardless of the likelihood or unlikelihood of this goal being obtained.
He also seems to be rather old-fashioned.

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He is an old nation who has seen many disasters, deaths, and births on his natural resource-enriched land. His first known inhabitants were primitive humans, at least three species having been discovered to date--"modern humans" aka homo sapiens sapiens, Neanderthals, and Denisovans.
But the oldest inhabitants that he can truly speak of can be traced back to 45,000 BCE, nomads who traveled to the East and West and populated the Americas and Europe. From them, the Yeniseians, he learned many things, including how to be resourceful and adapt in order to survive.
As he grew older, he enjoyed watching the groups of nomads such as the Yenets, Nenets, the Huns, Iranian Scythians, and the Turkic Uyghurs as well as others pass through or settle onto the various areas and regions of his land, and picked up bits and pieces of their cultures and traditions in order to create his own amalgamate identity.
Between the 13th to 16th century, Siberia lost his unspoken independence. First came Mongolia, who previously had good relations with Siberia's forest-dwellers; his rule lasted until the demise of the Golden Horde. Then came the formation of the Khanate of Sibir/Siberian Khanate, which fell to the Tsardom of Russia--Siberia was handed over to tsar Ivan IV by the defeated Khan Kuchum as a victory offering, something that Aleksei came to accept rather than fight against due to personal reasons.

Siberia and his people may have been considered peasants, and the climate may have been difficult for those unaccustomed to it, but their strength and skill made life for them well worth it. After all, they were well-fed, had plenty of land to cultivate, their homes were large and solid, and they, unlike Russia, did not succumb to vices like overindulgence of Vodka. They were intelligent, hard-working, and very much independent.
Those who were sent to exile in Siberia were treated with hospitality and care by the natives, rather than aggression and cruelty; the authorities, on the other hand, were regarded with displeasure, for Siberia and his people were also peaceful--and this was as much a breach of their peace and solitude as it was punishment for those being exiled.

Before the creation of the Trans-Siberian Railway, those who were exiled had to make the long, grueling journey across the Ural Mountains into Siberia to the labor camps and mines by foot. Aleksei, knowing his terrain better than anyone else, had led many of these marches, as per orders.

Russian Civil War, Rise of the Soviet Union

Because World War I just wasn't enough.

In January of 1918, during the last year of World War I and the rise of the Russian Civil War, The Provisional Government of Siberia was formed, in opposition of the growing Soviet government; Aleksei himself was among the many who were very much against Soviet rule.
In the summer of the same year, despite the collapse of Bolshevik authority in Siberia, the tables were quickly turned on July 17th; the slaughter of the Romanov royal family was a powerful blow, meant to cripple and dishearten the anti-Bolshevik movement. However, rather than giving up, Siberia had instead risen up to declare independence later that very day.
Come November, Aleksei had agreed to merge his state with the All-Russian Government against their enemy, and the Siberian Army was created to join in the Anti-Bolshevik White Forces/Army; the Allied Forces of Britain and America, Canada, Italy, and Japan, as well as Czech POWs, initially were assisting the halt of the Red Army, but all withdrew. In the end, to Aleksei's great dismay, the Red Army claimed its victory, despite the White Army's best efforts, and thus began the birth of the Soviet Union.
To this day, he holds mixed feelings toward this; the reputation of and rumors about the White Army and Alexander Kolchak, though he is unwilling to confirm nor deny whether they were true, does leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

In addition to the standard manual labor of mining, hunting, farming, logging, and other duties that would obtain valuable resources or trade items for Russia(still continuing on today), the tasks appointed to Siberia by Russia had also been to oversee the Katorga and the Gulag camps during the Soviet era, punishing exiled prisoners and maintaining order by any means necessary--even cruel and inhumane. This particular century, as a whole, marks one of the darkest times of Aleksei's life. Even if permitted to, he likely would not discuss the details of it with more than a rare few people.

One deep regret of his is that the Romanov family was removed from his protection in Tobolsk, to Yekaterinburg, where they were executed early on his birthday, July 17th.


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