Alright, so I'm sick of editing this damned section that demands my individuality, so I'm going to keep it short. I enjoy many things. If you just have to know what sort of things, because the immense amount of curiosity is going to eat away at your brain to the point that you can't wank properly, then you can PM me or try to strike up conversation in some way. Also, if you don't have a sense of humor and can't enjoy the occasional dark humor, you probably shouldn't be browsing the internet like this...much less be reading this 'about' section. Now off with you. Shoo shoo.

I'm currently studying to become a Graphic Artist at The Art Institute of California! WOO!

Funny little quizzes I've found.
Your Power Bird is an Owl

You are beyond wise. You are so smart, you're almost prophetic.
Your inner voice always speaks the truth, and you take the time to listen to it.
You are good at seeing who people are... including the darkness of others.
As a result, you tend to have a rather dark - yet realistic - outlook on life.

What's Your Power Bird?




You're Totally Sarcastic

You sarcastic? Never! You're as sweet as a baby bunny.
Seriously, though, you have a sharp tongue - and you aren't afraid to use it.
And if people are too wimpy to deal with your attitutde, then too bad. So sad.

How Sarcastic Are You?


You Are Romanticism

You are likely to see the world as it should be, not as it is.
You prefer to celebrate the great things people do... not the horrors they're capable of.
For you, there is nothing more inspiring than a great hero.
You believe that great art reflects the artist's imagination and true ideals.

What Art Movement Are You?



You Are a Hunter Soul

You are driven and ambitious - totally self motiviated to succeed
Actively working to acheive what you want, you are skillful in many areas.
You are a natural predator with strong instincts ... and more than a little demanding.
You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force.

An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people.
You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor.
People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all.
You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone.

Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?


You Are From Mercury

You are talkative, clever, and knowledgeable - and it shows.
You probably never leave home without your cell phone!
You're witty, expressive, and aware of everything going on around you.
You love learning, playing, and taking in all of what life has to offer.
Be careful not to talk your friends' ears off, and temper your need to know everything.

What Planet Are You From?



Your Expression Number is 8

Driven and ambitious, you have the potential to reach great things.
You're both good with money and good at getting things done quickly.
You are an excellent leader and a great judge of character.

Full of energy and confidence, you undertake projects that seem impossible.
Dependable and determined, you are able to understand the bigger picture.
Even if you are not in a position of power right now, it will fall to you.

At times, you can be very materialistic - and obsessed with status and power.
While this isn't always a bad thing, you sometimes take it to the extreme.
In order to be truly happy, you must balance the material and spiritual in your life.

What's Your Expression Number?



You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you're apt to keep very unusual habits.
Whether you're a nightowl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence - you like to experiment with your lifestyle.
Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.
You enjoy staying home, but that doesn't mean you're a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.

What Time Of Day Are You?



Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.

Who's Your Inner European?



Your Power Element is Metal

Your power colors: white, gold, and silver

Your energy: contracting

Your season: fall

You are persistent (and maybe even a little bit stubborn).
If you see something you want, you go for it.
You have a lot of strength, and it's difficult to get you down.
Very logical, you tend to analyze everything going on in your life.

What's Your Power Element?



ZOMG, I found Taichou And Fukutaichou quizzes!

You are Jyuushirou Ukitake. You are kind, wise, and understanding. Although you are not as strong at times, you will do anything in your power to preserve what you believe is right.

Take this Taichou quiz!


You are Renji Abarai. You are rash and easily tempered, but you care deeply for your friends. You have an intelligent and sensitive side, but it is mostly hidden behind your rambunctious attitude.

Take this Fukutaichou quiz!



Everyone Knows that its Souzou!

It's made of crack ... No REALLY



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Dark Warrior of Sin

Report | 08/11/2010 6:12 pm

Dark Warrior of Sin

once i strangled a tiger shark then i ******** it and ate it long story short i lied <.< hows life going? don't be a fagget trust me boys are not worth it underage girls all the way brah rofl <3 gl in life

Report | 02/02/2010 7:57 pm


you should watch Gabriel Iglesisa (part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) so funny or dane cook or maybe Gabriel Iglesisa chocolate makes me late on youtube

Report | 10/07/2009 9:33 am


Have a nice... CAKE FTW!!! nice avi btw

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If you want to vent, just call! You can just yell in my ear for an hour; that's why I'm here. <3

If it's any consolation, I'm in a pickle too; one where it's piss off family and do what I want, or go through slight constant hell...

And I really like food and a roof over my head, so pissing off my family is not my best option.

Report | 06/24/2009 5:42 pm


Ack, you have free time and I'm the Energizer Bunny of northern Nevada. Great.

You and Jen should live together in Sacramento. Kyle will appreciate your having a room-mate who can cook. ^_^ *nods sagely*

Report | 05/29/2009 10:37 am


OH THANK GOD. I got my account back!

Report | 05/18/2009 11:51 pm


Bleh, so much suckage.

Report | 05/16/2009 4:20 am


Really? Did you get all your stuff back? And how long did it take for them to get back to you? D:>

Report | 05/15/2009 3:17 am


I was hacked. Don't trust any PMs from me if they arrive.
Doctorwho girl

Report | 04/16/2009 11:45 pm

Doctorwho girl

Copy /paste this to 10 ppl and the press f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really works


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