Hey I'm Seraph of Souls, you can

call me Seraph, or if you

really want to, Tim is ok.

Anyways, I'm still pretty new to

gaia, less then a year

soo help would be appreciated.

I like playing in zOMG

and I like hanging out in towns...

when I'm with freinds,

so whenever I see a "join in towns"

I usually click it

feel free to friend me, but tell me if

I know you or not

or comment me, but be aware.

sometimes I don't always get

around to checking them

You are viewing the AWESOME profile of

Soul Fire Seraph

Currently questing...

and I have a phone if you want to text me just ask for my number, kay?

My Little Brother :P

Muh Best Frand

my... "other" best.... frand

NOTHING biggrin

Soul Fire Seraph

Soul Fire Seraph