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Luecian Y. Deschain Report | 09/04/2017 4:54 pm
Luecian Y. Deschain
I hope your going well, the nostalgia of the past been nagging at me a lot recently.
the wicked butterfly Report | 03/13/2014 1:12 am
the wicked butterfly
cool avi
Garland-Green Report | 11/13/2013 12:46 pm
I bare you no ill will. I don't wish you any harm, or think that you are stupid or evil nor are you blocked from accessing the guild.
We don't see eye to eye on the nature of Christ, and that is really what all this boils down to.
I am sorry if my posts in the guild hurt you, and I ask your forgiveness if they did. It was never my intention.
As for The Wise Informer, we have squared things out, I believe.
Mistress.Vixy Report | 10/11/2013 9:52 am
I just have to say, your avatar is gorgeous darlin'!!~ heart
_Leon Camero_ Report | 10/02/2013 9:08 am
_Leon Camero_
Welcome. To the Ministry.
_Leon Camero_ Report | 10/02/2013 8:04 am
_Leon Camero_
the nkjv is no different from kjv. Instead of having curse words, it has a more understanding meaning. say if i said a donkey, I would say that people are misusing the word for a butt. which is not the meaning. as butt has its own meaning, a donkey would have another. and i do hope to see you at the ministry.
Luecian Y. Deschain Report | 10/01/2013 6:18 pm
Luecian Y. Deschain
Thanks for the hugs Souijji, I really do appreciate the sentiment. My bloodwork did all come back fine, I have to make an appointment with a Neurologist now though.
_Leon Camero_ Report | 09/29/2013 6:30 pm
_Leon Camero_
Exactly. He seems that he just want his own feelings and desires. sad isn't it? But I pray that he finds that he is failing badly.
_Leon Camero_ Report | 09/28/2013 7:43 pm
_Leon Camero_
Lol! It seems i am not alone XD garland also removed me and blocked me because It seems he was getting envious against me. The reason was because I did not see why my post had to be removed because of a "feeling". I told him it was not suppose to be measured in feelings. And I got blocked. I hope garland finds peace in all this...
_Leon Camero_ Report | 09/27/2013 11:40 pm
_Leon Camero_
When you quoted me in the bible guild, your response was my answer to you. I hope you read what i posted for you. It seems that "actually no" became an " I agree" statement smile

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My history..................
A very interesting question is it not? However I am not the person that I was born as. You see due to the wars that were spreading across the land at the time that I was growing up I was caught in the cross-fire and died brutally.

I won't go into exacts on what happened to me because you never know the age of the person a record might be read by.

The only reason I know I died is because of the change and the time passage between the last thing I remember before I opened my eyes again.

Seeing a giant pair of black wings can make a real impression on a person.

Anyway.........I opened my eyes and saw a giant pair of wings not three feet from me. I remember thinking that angel wings were suppose to be white so I had to be in hell. Though I'd always been taught that hell was hot and full of demons. And to my way of thinking demons were suppose to be red. Either way when I saw the wings I tried to scoot as far away from them as possible. What I didn't expect it to roll over and be face to face with a small fox with blue/green eyes.

Blinking I nearly scooted back against the wings that I had been trying to get away from in the first place when two different voices came to me, one out loud and the other in my mind. Both of them telling me that I had nothing to worry about.

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Never cross a mage with an attitude. You might end up a eunuch.

I'm Meito I was born 13 Nov. 2009 to Souijji

I'm Rede, fallen Goddess, friend of Souijji

I'm Arthur, use to be mistress Souijji's student