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Sakushya Report | 02/29/2012 9:07 am
Happy Birthday Glacier!! heart I know you don't get very many of them considering, so I made sure to bring you the birthday wish today. heart
Embi-lamb Report | 02/29/2012 6:18 am
Happy birthday! heart
Embi-lamb Report | 07/12/2011 6:02 pm
Who does? Tae? *tilts head* I wonder what it is. Saying someone just has something for you isn't very descriptive now is it. *smiles* You never really were one to talk much, huh? I was actually really excited when I saw you logged on because we never speak, but I still feel like I know you. So I was happy. And, oddly, it makes me giggle that my excitement is met with little conversation.
Embi-lamb Report | 07/12/2011 5:49 pm
I'm pretty good, actually! I was outside for a good 6 hours straight today running around Cobourg with my friends doing a bunch of errands. I got my report card today while we were there. My friend's now ex-girlfriend is visiting from England and she forgot a bunch of clothes at home so she bought a bunch of clothes today to make up for it. I stopped in at Rogers too to discuss setting up a family plan with a representative. We ended up talking as if we were friends for a while tho too. I guess I'm more comfortable around people then I originally thought I was.

Will you apologize for Tae to me about logging out so briefly yesterday? I was really tired and, well, other reasons.
Embi-lamb Report | 07/12/2011 5:37 pm
... Uh, hi Glacier. surprised How are you today?
Embi-lamb Report | 02/14/2011 12:11 am
I hope even you have someone to spend Valentines Day with, Glacier. heart
Embi-lamb Report | 03/17/2010 7:41 am
Dammit I technically can't pinch you either! gonk

*moves on*
Pyre Fighter Report | 01/17/2010 6:25 am
Pyre Fighter
*nibbles on him* I nibbled on Radio, but he said it probably wasn't the best of ideas, 'cause my teeth would break, so I'm nibblin' on j00 instead.
Pyre Fighter Report | 11/07/2009 12:40 pm
Pyre Fighter
*nudges him in an innocent child-like way as she looks up at him* ... did you like your gift? I'm sorry if you didn't, or if you have it already ...
Pyre Fighter Report | 11/06/2009 12:50 pm
Pyre Fighter
I'm guessing you don't want any fries with that ... ? sweatdrop



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