My name is Sarah and I'm a college student. My major is Criminal Justice and my minors are Psychology and Paralegal Studies.
I heart my pets they're my little darlings:
Winston - Chinchilla
Harold - Bearded Dragon
Cosmo - Robo Hamster
Pumpkin Spice - Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula
Morticia- Pink Toe Tarantula
Clementine- Mixed Dog (pit bull, jack russell, sharpei)
Posy- Calico Cat
Luna- Tortoise Shell Cat

I heart animals, including the 'creepy crawlies' like spiders and snakes. I enjoy cooking, writing, and reading. I love videogames, absolutely heart Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I'm pretty much constantly listening to music and belt out lyrics while driving 4laugh .
heart God Bless heart


Snippets of Life

Just random things... Day to day happenings, complaints, amusing things, etc


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Happy Easter
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How are you today maam?
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Hey Rose!
How are you? Happy Sunday to you and yours!
I keep you and C (Jlp)in my prayers all the time.
Don't be a stranger o.k., keep in touch.
God bless,
Jack F.

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Hello, thanks for asking. My mother passed away and I am just trying to let God guide me through this time of grief.
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You are very welcome,
and 'Merry Christmas' to you and your's as well dear.

This is Jack's mother. I'm just handling his account today for him.
He has been a bit ill I'm afraid to say and isn't able to keep up with
his job on here as the guild mule.
So, I had a few minutes while he is resting to do this for him.
God bless dear, and thank you once again.
Ms. Dannielle F.

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Yes, I want long hair like Repunzel but I also want curly-ish hair. I did pray for you, I am sorry you are going through a rough time. Please also pray for my upcoming performance.

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That's cool. I want to grow my hair past my waist. My mother and I are holding up somehow. Thank you so much for your prayers. We sure need them. Is there anything I can pray for you?
Today was good, I went to school which I enjoy and now just got back home.

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How has your day been?
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I am sure that Chey will deeply appreciate that maam.
God bless you and your's on this blustery Monday!
Jack F.

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Hello! How are you? I am good, just ate dinner. Thank you for saying you like my avi.


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