hello fellow gaians!
my name is bobbie ann (kairi)
i'm 17. i'm a junior and i'm cyber schooled
i enjoy drawing, writing poetry, & hooping.
i also love poi (if anyone knows about it you must message me!)
i also take/teach dance classes, this is my 11th year dancing
my two favorite anime's are chobits & black blood brothers (oh jiro ^_^) *swoon*
manga i'm currently reading: love hina
photography is my passion
i support gay rights
my religion is christianity.
snowboarding is wonderful, how i miss it so >.<
i <3 yaoi *nose bleed*
well that's about it for now.

talk talk talk! ^.^

(i've been a member for quite some time, and from updating my old about me, i really miss the old me, and how things were :/ but i can't change it so i just have to look forward and hope for the best.. nerds are awesome <3 byee!)

written on 2/4/2012 @ 2:00 AM