WARNING: You have now entered the Disney/Sora/Tuba/Anime and other things fangirl profile. Welcome to the twilight zone. -plays music- Dun DUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN

I am creative, weird, loves band, and has dumbo ears ^.^ Loves everything related to Disney, for I am the Disney Otaku.

Fav. Anime/Video Game characters: Sora {Kingdom Hearts}, Li Syaoran and Kinomoto Sakura {CardCaptor Sakura / Tsubasa} I also like Peter Pan, Alice, Mad Hatter, Milo Thatch, Cinderella, Belle {Disney}, Link and the mailman {Legend of Zelda} wink
Don't know why, but I have this thing for guys in green. Maybe because they look hot in green ^.^

Fav. Anime/Manga: Tsubasa Chronicles, Ouran High School Host Club, CardCaptor Sakura, Chobits, Vampire Knight, Naruto (manga only), Kitchen Princess, Zero no Tsukaima, xxxHolic, La Corda D'Oro, Kingdom Hearts manga, Fruits Basket, DN Angel, and others I forgot here. razz

Currently obsessing over: Disney, Sculpey Clay, TRC, Naru/Hina, Pocky, Bass music, the past

I owe a lot to my friends for helping me through everything and I love you guys so much!!!!



I dunno.

Just what happens



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YO hi there. You're on I see biggrin

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Ame Kuruma

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Ame Kuruma

Happy Birthday!! : DD -Tackle glomps=
kitten mews

Report | 08/31/2009 4:02 am

kitten mews

sadly, no.
i had to go some place with my grandma and couldnt make it D:

i heard it was good but morgan fell.. lol.

kitten mews

Report | 08/28/2009 12:31 pm

kitten mews

aw, i'm sorry. that stinks : (

yeah.. life's pretty good <3
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kitten mews

yeah, definitely. lol.

why's it gunna be rough? =pauses= oh wait.. he's not going to SHS right?
um, we're great actually c: thanks.

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kitten mews

ew. sounds like fun =P
i didnt have summer work oddly, lol.

um, i'm great ^-^
how are things going with brendan?

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kitten mews

how are you? :3
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kitten mews

Stephy! >//w//<

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... If it was you, I wouldn't mind, Mommy~ And. We got to keep the kitten.


" I shall not forget my heart...

...even if remembering brings me pain..."