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My name is Sierra, I'm a US Army Veteran now, though if I had my way I'd still be enlisted. I'm 26 years old, though I'm told I look about 16. I love artsy stuff, and anything related to herbal medicines and plants in general. I still watch anime and read manga, but I'm more into fantasy books and painting. I'm a sucker for Japanese food, and I have a new found love for some Korean dishes (Provided they're not spicy). I play WoW still, though not very often. Can't say I ever became a reliable person to play with on there. lol. Oh well. I like watching Legend of Korra, and the Walking Dead, but that's about all the TV I watch lately. I do watch Supernatural on the side, but I'm pretty far behind from the new season. I'll catch up eventually.
I'm not really sure what else I should put here, so if you'd like to chat just send me a PM.

BTW; I'm not doing commissions anymore, so please don't ask. My tablet doesn't like me anymore. I really can't draw on it anymore.

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