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Why I love gaiaonline.
One day on gaia, I was in a "post your pics"
thread. I saw this really cute kid with the
username "Panic! at the bar mitzvah. I questioned
him if he was jewish because I was ( that was
just my excuse to talk to him). He told me that
no, he wasn't and his username was actually
a refference to the hollocaust. o.O So we kept
in touch. He lives in PA and I live in OH and
his name is Rick. So the anime con, Sugoi con
was coming up and my friends and I were
cosplaying as Kingdom Hearts characters and
we needed a Sora. So, I asked my dear friend from
gaia, rick. His parents and mine talked and
we decided it was okay for him to stay at my
house for a week to go to Sugoicon. Rick and I
start talking on the phone everynight (thankgod
for long distance) and he would wish me off to a
good day before school in the morning. n_n So,
Sugoicon was coming near and it turns out, we can't
go! Rick decided to still come down for a week though.
His feelings for me grew and oh i loveeee him! So,
June 9th, 4:30 AM. My dad,mom,brother and I go to
pick him up from a train station at the Cincinnati
Meuseun Center. Who knew that the place i dreaded
going on field trips is the place my life turns
AMAZING. My first sight of Rick Lawrence was the
back of his head. When I saw him, I was shakin and
I screamed his name. he turned around and I
ran to him and hugged him. The first sight of
Rick was amazing. So we stay up all night.
A full house. My family of seven people, My
two besties Suzi Weber and Kelsey McGlaughlin,
and Rick Lawrence. We had so much fun. But around
11:00 AM we fell asleep. Rick and I fell asleep
on the floor together, cudling. Suzi took pictures.
My parents,not even my over protective dad cared. =)
they loved rick. he treats me like a star. I never
cry anymore. The week of rick staying turned into
a month, which turned into me going to his house
in PA to stay for a few weeks, and now to him
living with me for attending college in Ohio.
Thank you Gaiaonline for making my life amazing.