Phrase of the week:
A new one each week.

I randomly log in

"Be happy, don't worry"
-Bobby McFerrin

Because everything has a reason, even death...

New Stuff:
Each time I add something I will write down the section it belongs to and what it is.With time I will take out old things and add it to my Journal.

About Meh:

I have three names but I won't type them down, even thought I do like them.

My two first names stand for Welcome Wisdom


Mexicali,B.C, Mexico

Eyes and Hair
Light Brown (straight-wavy hair)

Happy Straight
I believe homosexuality and bisexuality is normal just like being straight

I Luv
Candies, apples, mint chocolates, gifts, books, books, Poe, Burton, Almodovar, movies, to write and draw, friends, people , honesty, kind people, smiles, darkness, mystery, random PMs and donations, books,to donate, forests, role play, friends, my best friends, animals, rain, cold, Winter, Fall, water, pools, raspado of tamarindo with pistacho ice cream, saladitos, salt, and chamoy... lolz...mmm... <3, and vanilla ice cream with small bacon pieces...etc

I Hate
BEGGARS, n00bs, liars, hot days, the sun, the humidity, dust, dirty places, smelly people, I cannot stand rude people I HATE them, greedy people, preps, vanilla ice cream without bacon...

REAL facts about meh:
There are a LOT of people that cannot stand me because sometimes I'm kind of trying to always be the leader, not my fault, I'm just perfectionist...so not worry for that. I like a lot the rain and to read. I'm usually called "freak", I'm used to it and actually I really like it. I do love to be different. I'm philanthropic. claustrophobic, and kind of lazy. My biggest dream is to be immortal, remaining in the Humanity's History. The person I admire the most is my mother, mother Teresa and Ghandi. And all the successful people out there. I had a small seal that looks like a water meat. My parents are divorced and I thank God they are. I'm a happy Agnostic, and I'm not searching a religion, thanks. My full name ... if you want to know ask.

I do not know anything more that you would like to know about me.
For any doubts or just because you are bored and lonely... send meh a PM, I would love to be your friend and talk. Or RP, I'll love to play RP.

And remember mee dears:

"Laugh is and impulse,
is the motor of life"
(I wrote this)

So be happy.

Pics of Meh:
(I took them with my cellphone: Larry)

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Avie Art:
Mine or From other gaians.
Free avie art will be loved


Funny Stuff:
Funny things to make you smile.

Random Stuff:
All the things I do not know where else to put them. [lolz].


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My Quests:
Help will be always be accepted and I'll be eternally grateful.

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My Home:
"Freak Watermeatland"

Feel free to visit meh always you want!

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My Store:
Located in the Marketplace.

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I'm Marle's avie art maker.

And Finally my Avie Art Shop Link:

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Report | 12/29/2009 7:20 am


Thank you Sophie! I hope you had a Merry X-mas too! ^^

Report | 12/26/2009 1:23 am


Feliz Navidad ^^

Report | 04/09/2009 1:03 pm


hola !! =P tanto tiempo
como estas??

Report | 01/08/2009 8:54 pm


Feliz año!

Aunqe supongo que ya no estas porque no te has paradoe n gaia como en 2 meses

Report | 11/02/2008 12:30 pm



Lo siento mucho, perdóname, acabo de tener tiempo para mi, no he estado en casa estos dos días. Pero ya estoy aquí y estoy para felicitarte. Feliz Cumpleaños Atrasado. Siempre cuentas con tu tio. No te deseo un buen día, sino muchos buenos días y buenas noches.

Tu tio,

Nebbia d Argento

Report | 11/01/2008 10:52 am

Nebbia d Argento

happy birthday sis!!! >.<


wish you a lovely day full of surprices and gifs X3

with love

~ Max-kun ~ :3

Report | 11/01/2008 6:52 am


Happy Birthday Sophie!

I hope you have a GREAT day User Image!

Report | 10/31/2008 10:01 am


Happy happy birthday!

: D
Nebbia d Argento

Report | 10/09/2008 10:45 pm

Nebbia d Argento

hahaha hola, weno no se si algun dia llegaras a leer esto XP

pero weno solo paso para saludar, y decirte que pase lo que pase

no pierdas tu vista de tus metas, echale ganas ;D y yo me serciorare de hacer lo mismo ^^

hahaha te cuidas hermanita, ha sido un verdadero placer el haberte conocido X3

Te cuidas User Image
ello JoJo

Report | 07/21/2008 10:18 am

ello JoJo

Greetings sister, as fellows Vampires we are we must help each other which

actually has more to do with my current visit to this lovely profile of yours.

My conections have informed me you have interest on this Item called oculus mithica

or so.. if that is the case, I would be more than happy to provide you with such luxury.

however it is a tradition of us vampires to seal the deal with a pact of blood, on which you would

sold your inmortal soul to my comant and help me out spreading the darkness upon gaia untill

Judgment day comes and the troumpets sound...

or you could do me an Avi art aswell User Image

the fact is I would like to erase all my grudge against my past by doing generous donations to my fellow Vampires.

in which you appear on the top list.

if you are interested , please do not hesitate to let me know and I'll do the propper arrangements.

~ Truely yours.