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sophie hasebe

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Last Login: 06/23/2007 2:03 pm

Registered: 01/08/2007

Gender: Female

my rpc


She is half fire demon and half fox demon... As a child she was confined into her dormitory at all times. Her father had “problems” and became insane due to all his wives not bearing him a son. He had Sophie’s mother executed and forced Sophie to watch. At the time she was five years old. Because of her terrible past and her mothers execution she fled from her country when she was 12 and became a traveler. Since then she has been learning new things and understanding friendship. She still has a hard time relying on her friends because she was always forced to rely on herself as a child. Finally after years of traveling she found a place she could call home. In this time she discovered she had a twin sister Demetra, Who because of her mothers fear of her husband, chose to send her away for safety leaving Sophie to stay. Thought Sophie left her fathers castle, she still has others dangers to endure. Her half sister Zoë, being the jealous type she is, is after Sophie for her powers. Zoë will stop at nothing to take Sophie’s powers. Soon after Sophie gets settled, She gets a visit from her children in the future. Rini, the youngest who looks as if she can pass as the younger Sophie, Jake and Eliot the twins and the youngest Evangeline. Awestruck by how many children she has, Sophie tries her best to be a mother to them even though she knows nothing about it.


Sophie’s twin sister. She was raised By thief’s and has a very bad attitude problem. She only found Sophie because the thief’s who raised her grew scared of her growing power and told her to leave. Demetra is more of a loaner and doesn’t care for anybody accept her niece Rini (which is a shock to everyone) She doesn’t talk much, and she easily gets pissed off. The only person who gets on her nerves more than everybody else is Aleera, Sophie’s only friend as a child.

Aleera Sebylle Nyx:

Aleera is a Happy go lucky Sprite. As a child a vampire named Gabriel Killed her parents and the rest of the Sprites in her village. She knows not why he spared only her. Ever since she has despised Vampires, trying to look for Gabriel to get revenge for what he has done to her family. Her powers are very rare. She can manipulate the emotions of people around her. She can feel what other people are feeling and change it as well. She can also see visions of what is to come. After meeting a demon Seth who needs to live inside someone’s body to survive he was kicked out of his other host and forced to live in her. That’s when she met Victor a vampire who wanted Seth’s powers. Victor Bit her and turned her into the creature she loathed so much. Now, She must learn to live is a creature of the night



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^ my rpc

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Hey I’m Maria, I’m 17 years old
I’m Greek all the way = ]
If its possible to be hyperly bored, then I’m like that all the time.. that’s why I made this Uber long profile thing about me.. Let me apologize in advance for the longness. Sorry..
I’m short but not the shortest.
I’m funny and a spaz..
I have problems walking across
a stable flat surface without finding something to trip over
and dragging at least 2 people down with me…
I absolutely love to read. My favorite author at the moment is Stephenie Meyer
(thanks to Bella who told me to read Twilight) --(yay Jasper!)
Some of my other favorite authors are Jonathan Stroud ( the Bartimaeus Trilogy),
T.A Barron ( the Merlin Series and The Great Tree Of Avalon Trilogy)
and J.K Rowling (Harry Potter duh!)
I also love anime. Some of my favorites are Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist ,
Noein, Tsubasa Chronicles, Bleach and Naruto.
I just started playing the piano like 5 months ago…and I have been playing the violin for 9 years, and I attempted playing the guitar but it didn’t really work out that well.
I’m pretty good at sports, I rule at Tennis and Volleyball, pretty good at basketball and I used to be a mean soccer goalie when I was younger. (not too sure about that now)

Alright.. Stuff that I like
- coffee (its addicting)
-making new friends
-the rain

Things I Dislike
- dentists..
- when ppl poke me.. (I’m very ticklish, people find it amusing when I jump and spaz)
- those days when its really icy during the winter…cuz I fall….
-early morning (I’m far from a morning person)
- when there’s no French vanilla in the house! (specially if its like 6 in the morning and I’m still not fully awake… seriously, I need my daily cup of coffee to get threw the day..)

Moving on…
Favorite bands
- Simple plan!
-My chemical romance
-the Used
-Three days grace
-Three doors down
- thirty seconds to mars
- disturbed
- Aerosmith
- jacks mannequin
- Tokyo Rose
-Linkin park
………….there may be more… but I cant think of them all…

Yeah… okays sooo that’s me…

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this awesome kitty was made by Randomly_Rai2 thanks a bunch i luffs it!!

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mary83261954 Report | 01/24/2008 7:32 am
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christine71661989 Report | 01/22/2008 2:59 am
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Fatal Facade Report | 07/10/2007 6:00 pm
Fatal Facade
hola! long time no speak! omc i read "Hell on Earth" in "prom nights from hell" was awesome!!! stephenie meyer is so amazing. i didn't get the book though...we just went to Barnes and Noble and read it while blasting 30 seconds to mars...pretty fun, still. so how have you been?
Lucifer Hunts Report | 06/11/2007 3:16 pm
Lucifer Hunts
OMG I LUV!!!!! Ur new avitar
Lestat Le Fey Report | 06/05/2007 12:53 pm
Lestat Le Fey
I like the new avi...
-this random post has been brought to you ny Lestat Le Fae-
Owl-Maddness Report | 06/04/2007 7:04 pm
hahaha woow.
By the way I love your new avi
sophie hasebe Report | 06/04/2007 1:12 pm
sophie hasebe
then my life will be complete = ]
Owl-Maddness Report | 06/03/2007 5:15 pm
hahah yeah we'll have a day dedicated to him and then give him a funeral
Owl-Maddness Report | 06/03/2007 12:37 pm
hahahas yeah or just give Norington a funeral
Owl-Maddness Report | 06/02/2007 7:01 pm
Davy Jones: James Norrington, do you fear death?
[with his last breath, Norrington stabs Jones]
Davy Jones: I'll take that as a "no".
sophie hasebe
Fatal Facade
Lestat Le Fey

yay for friends

*slaps everyone* DUMBASS!