Allo? Tu es ici? Pourquoi? Ce n'est pas interresant....Anyways, welcome.
My name is sondst(aka rayasoi in many chatrooms, forums, websites etc.).
I am a stickler of an over-sensitive bipolar living in a nowhere suburb in the midwest.
I consider myself to have a flair for eastern design and a deep love of Asian culture.
Though I'm not the best at drawing, painting, sketching....anything artistic, I enjoy doing those things. I have a great interest in music, though. As a player of two instruments and a practiced singer, I know my basics well, and as a composer, I love the black and white contrast of the notes....yeah....so...that's me......what else do you want? OH! and I'm obsessed with the Earthbound/Mother series, and I love let's plays. There, now
I'm done. sweatdrop


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