i'm 6'2" ,242 lb's ,dark brown hair ,glasses ,brown eyes, chubby @_@ ,funny,wierd,pysco,and somtimes extremely random...and suck a poetry

Life is a never ending circle
A fragile circle that continuously crumbles
Death permeates the air that is so scarce
It chokes us, poisons us with no regrets
Our slow and insignificant deaths add to the already putrid air
We are dead and yet we are still alive, But for what purpose
Is it because death isn’t the end, but the beginning
The start of some wondrous adventure to the unknown
If so, is this a place of peace and tranquility
Or is a chaotic hell of which none can escape
Our lives have so many questions but so few answers
We know nothing of our future, but of out past
And yet we know not of our past, but of our present
Pain, hate, and chaos are on the verge of ruling our lives
And yet we do not feel as we should,
We feel empty and confused as opposed to happy and filled with love
We have lost our pride and replaced it with vanity
We have lost our hope and replaced it with sorrow
We should not pity the dead but the living
The dead are at rest and the living are restless
We feel pain, they do not, and we have wars, they are at peace
So who is better off the living or the dead
That is a question only you can answer , and you will one day answer


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My boring days

I like to write about music and anime movies



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YO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brea the animal goddess

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Brea the animal goddess

Happy Birthday!!!

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who the heck did he do that

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the link below is a pic of me

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Hayden Malfoy

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Hayden Malfoy

hey just to let you know i am sharing an account with my best frined now. It will be all her info on it and stuff but i will get on.

the username is knall-prinzessin, so send a friend request and we can talk on there
Souless Being of the Dark

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Souless Being of the Dark

I'm sorry for annoying you....

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nice profile dude

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copy/paste this to 10 ppl and then press f5 and f9 and you will get 100,000 gold it rocks
Souless Being of the Dark

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Souless Being of the Dark

That's bullspit!


A load of ballocks!

lol XD

But in all seriousness,you're actually very good!


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What begins with F and ends with UCK?
Help me out cause i really don't know