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There was a time when the moon lived, the Moon was a woman, and she met a man called Sun. when he was by her side he became stronger, but when she was by his side she became weaker. they were both cursed but they did not know it. an evil wizard had curse them, one who did not support to see them soo happy together. although they were cursed that did not stopped them from having a child, a child who had the strengh of his father and the feelings of his mother. the child became inmune to the curse, by being the pure incarnation of love between his mother and father. when the child was old enough he realised the love between both was not meant to be but it still existed. the child looked for a cure and the only one who could gave it to him was the wizard, he told the child that he would make his father and mother's love something special, he would make their love eternal, and soo the child accepted. the wizard was powerful, powerful enough to transform them into planets and make them essential to life. their love was eternal but... they would never meet each other again. the wizard was very clever, their love would be eternal but they would never again be together.
The child will look for a cure to the course, and he will make the wizard pay


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