Yo yo yo homie yo

Just your average shygal working for giant fire breathing lizard that kidnaps princesses, nothing outta the ordinary. He's a real nice guy though once you get to know him. I see him at times playing sports and go karting with some plumbers? I think they are brothers of some sort? Whatever I am rambling about my boss, this should be about me! So pm me and ask questions about ME. PEACE!

By the way if you pm and I don't get back to you soon, it doesn't mean I hate you, I am just a busy person with work.

PLEASE READ THIS NOW: I need to make a disclaimer here, dont invite me to towns, towns 2, rally etc to """""HANG OUT""""" I dont do those kinda things there.

ALSO dont butter me up with gifts and stuff, you not gonna get anywhere, believe me I can buy anything I want with my disposable income I make